U.S. World Cup Fans Are Devasted, And They're Not Hiding It — PHOTOS

We had a good run. But the U.S. lost to Belgium and left the World Cup Tuesday, despite a crazy-strong performance from American goalie Tim Howard, who made 16 saves in the game, and a goal in extra time from American Julian Green. And naturally, after finally getting excited about soccer or football or whatever and all the emotions and heart-wrenching moments that come with it, Americans were devastated.

Americans were devastated from sea to shining sea, from purple mountains majesty to the fruited plains, because all the fire-breathing American eagles shared on Twitter, plus Tim Howard, couldn't quite save us from defeat in the Round of 16. We got out of the infamous Group of Death only to fall to Belgium, a nation we knew only for its waffles, immediately. What are we supposed to do now? Go back to work?

We've compiled a list of the saddest Americans on Tuesday, to give you a sense of the devastation this loss rent upon the U.S.A. On July 1, Americans were hopeful. Then our hopes were dashed against the wall like so much stray waffle batter. And you could see it in our faces.

Still, American hero Howard had this to say after the game ended:

It's heartbreaking. I don't think we could've given any more. We left it all out there. We got beat by a really good team. ... Dream falls short, but this is an incredible group and ... I'll never forget this night.

Here are some Americans who couldn't quite muster such an eloquent eulogy for the Americans' 2014 World Cup run, and instead let their faces give away their anguish:

1. Sad Americans at Chicago's Soldier Field

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

2. Sad Americans in Washington, DC

3. Sad Bros Everywhere

4. Just Sad, Sad Americans

5. Sad Selfie-Takers

6. And Sad Eagles, Too

But at least, you know, we have this to keep us warm tonight:

So there's that.