Will She Be A Good First Lady?

In Season 2 of the hit Netflix series House of Cards , Claire Underwood has done a lot for her husband's political aspirations and revenge fantasies. She drove a wedge between First Lady Tricia Walker and President Walker and manipulated them into going to counseling, she dropped her military sexual assault bill, and abandoned her friend Megan because of it. But now that Frank is the President, how will Claire deal with being the First Lady? We already know that House of Cards has been renewed for Season 3 though we don't know when it'll air or pretty much anything else about the show as the showrunner and producers are ridiculously careful to avoid spilling any Season 3 secrets.

From the moment that Frank became Vice President at the beginning of Season 2, there seemed to be a change in Claire. She gave up her desire to have a baby for Frank, she was pressured into talking about her abortion, and was blackmailed when she says the abortion was the result of a pregnancy from rape by General McGinnis. Then when she finally has a piece of legislation she can finally stand behind proudly, the military sexual assault bill, she has to drop it to make up with a politician Frank needs on his side. So how can Claire deal with getting pushed more into the spotlight and the pressure to put Frank's needs above hers now that he's the President? We have a few theories on the matter.

1. Claire Will Secretly Plan Frank's Demise

As she has done since the beginning, Claire will always support Frank in front of anyone who is watching, but it's possible that inwardly she won't be too happy with his newfound power. While she was initially proud of her husband and even remade his class ring for him after he took over as President, Frank's demands and manipulations could start to get to her now that she's experienced how her manipulations have negatively affected others, like Megan. All of these factors could prompt Claire to find a way to take Frank down, though that's quite unlikely since she will want the power being First Lady will give her.

2. Claire Will Enter A Dark, Downward Spiral

We've already seen how Claire was affected when she was pushed away by Megan after the girl's suicide attempt and after realizing how much she had been manipulating the First Lady. She breaks down and it's easy to understand why. Now that Frank is President, there's definitely going to be more deception and more of a fight to stay on top, can Claire continue to handle the pressure? Or will she start to go down a dark hole that will consume her? I'm not even going to address that threesome. Nope, not happening.

3. Claire Will Use Frank's Position To Her Advantage

The most likely scenario is that Claire is glad for Frank's newly gained power and will use every last bit of it to her advantage. She could certainly draft a new version of the military sexual assault bill and finally be able to get rid of any lingering problem she may have had in the past. Even though Claire was originally written as arm candy for Frank, she's definitely much more than that now and she'll enjoy using every bit of trickery and power to get what she wants. These two really are made for each other.

4. Claire Will Kill Frank

Listen, this may sound crazy but it's possible. In the British TV series upon which this show is based, Claire orchestrates Frank's assassination in order to try and preserve his reputation and legacy in the face of his inevitable public downfall. Perhaps this will happen again? So far, the writers on House of Cards have followed a majority of its British counterpart's plot points so there is a definite chance this could happen. The question is, what will happen to Claire after Frank is assassinated? Will she be found out? Will she succeed and walk away clean? Only time will tell.

Images: Netflix; Wifflegif; AfterEllen.com; Tumblr/myliltinyuniverse; Tumblr/houseofcardsnetflix