'Pretty Little Liars' Veronica Hastings Doesn't Trust A Hastings Either & Maybe She Should Follow Her Intuition

You can't trust a Hastings. Now that Jason DiLaurentis made everyone suspicious of Mr. Hastings and Pretty Little Liars Season 5 is making Melissa seem a lot like "A," it looks like we might not be able to trust Mrs. Hastings either. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the lawyer did anything, but I do think there's something a little off in how she's acting. During Monday night's new episode of Pretty Little Liars Mrs. Hastings was more worried about her flower beds than the fact that there was a dead woman buried in her yard — what the hell is that about?

Monday night's "Thrown From the Ride" threw fans back into the Hastings family drama. Spencer confronted her mom about Melissa's secret and the fact that her dad is absolutely hiding something. Well, and because Mrs. Hastings has taken to sleeping in the living room of their house instead of her own bed. Like most of Spencer's conversations lately (she's not the best at interrogation), it didn't go well — Mrs. Hastings told her off for continuing to bring up Mrs. DiLaurentis, when she's just trying to forget. Hence the focus on her landscaping and her hostility towards the cops.

Basically, Spencer got shut down again — just like she got shut down by Melissa and her dad already this Season. Later on, Mrs. Hastings revealed something that we knew all along, but just confirmed the fact that you can't trust a Hastings. She thinks Mr. Hastings killed Jessica DiLaurentis because she was trying to frame Spencer as a murderer and maybe he killed the girl in that grave too.

It's one thing for Jason to make Mr. Hastings seem like the main suspect, but there's another thing for his own wife to not know what he's capable of. Maybe she should really consider that $10,000 alarm system if she ever gets back from that "spa trip."

Image: ABC Family