What's Up With Melissa Hastings On 'PLL'?

by Christine DiStasio

Things are starting to look really suspicious around here. When Melissa Hastings returned on Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 premiere, we were definitely not convinced that she came home for her sister. And, apparently, her mother isn't so convinced either. On Tuesday night's episode "Whirly Girl," Toby returned and he brought even more news about Melissa that has me convinced her return to Rosewood doesn't mean anything good. But, is PLL being way too obvious in painting this picture of Melissa as the villain?

If this were any other show, I'd be convinced that Melissa Hastings has been "A" this entire time. But, just like Shana clearly wasn't the real "A" last week (that would just be too simple), I know that PLL won't make this that easy for us. Right? On the premiere, we saw Mona take orders from Melissa — which convinced me, and hopefully a handful of fans out there, that Melissa was who she was talking about way back when she said someone else had taken over the "A"-game. And then there was that whole situation with Melissa's "secret" about who killed the girl in Ali's grave and why Mr. Hastings doesn't want her to tell anyone, especially Mrs. Hastings, about it.

Could her secret really be that terrible? How does she even know who killed that girl? There was also that time she told Spencer:

Tuesday night's episode dropped another huge bomb — Toby returned and revealed that Melissa lied to everyone about why she was back. In case you forgot, she told her parents that Toby came to London and told her about Spencer and she promptly came home to support her little sister. Well, that's kind of true — Toby did go to London, but he didn't find Melissa there. Toby told Mrs. Hastings that when he got to Melissa's apartment, he didn't find here there but instead, WREN opened the door. Now, what the hell is that about?

The last time we saw Wren, he was working at Radley — when did he go to London? And how long has he been there? Clearly, the obvious thought here would be that Melissa is totally "A." We're only two weeks into Season 5 and the evidence is already stacking up high against her. But revealing that she's been living with Wren makes me think that it really can't be that simple — did the "Wren is 'A'" theory just gain a foothold?

Only time will tell, people.

Images: ABC Family, Whifflegif