The Original Bachelorette Sort of Slut Shamed Andi

The original Bachelorette has some words for the show of today, and to be honest, they're pretty rude. Trista Sutter says the Bachelorette we now know isn't as innocent as it once was. She elaborated on this point for Us Weekly and what she said makes it sound like she's slut shaming Andi Dorfman and her fellow Bachelorettes. "I kissed three guys, okay? Three guys," Sutter says of her 2003 season. "And I think that the kisses are a little more plentiful [now]. It was a little more innocent when Ryan and I were on."

First of all, let's please acknowledge that kissing, no matter with how many people, is always pretty innocent. Secondly, who cares how many people Andi or Des or Emily or Ashley decide to kiss? They could kiss every contestant if they wanted. The point is that these women are trying to find their soul mate on national television, and figuring out their potential for sexual chemistry with the men is an important part of that. If you're trying to condense an entire relationship into the span of a few weeks, cutting to the chase on the physical side of things can be key.

Congrats to Trista for finding someone she loves, but let everyone else figure out their situation in the way that makes them feel the most comfortable.

The mom of two even faults this supposed loss of innocence for the decrease in viewership.

I hear from a lot of people that they stopped watching the show after Ryan and I got married. I think it's because it was innocent back then, or more innocent I should say. They felt that Ryan and I were sincere about truly wanting to find love.

I just want someone to tell Trista that your number of kisses is not directly related to your level of sincerity. I don't think anyone doubts that Andi Dorfman is there for "the right reasons." She's taking this show very seriously. It just so happens that she also wants to kiss her potential suitors.

It's 2014. Let Andi smooch it up if she wants. Who the hell cares?

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