The 'Bachelorette' is Boring Because Andi Dorfman is Taking Her Journey Way Too Seriously

I suppose it probably isn't fair of me to demand that someone's journey to love be entertaining, and yet, I find myself so annoyed that Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette season has been so boring. After all, this is a reality show, isn't its job to entertain the audience? I know that, like, Andi also needs to find her soulmate, but still. It seems like each week Andi sends home another interesting guy or another house troublemaker. At this rate there isn't going to be any drama ever.

I understand that Andi wants the remaining men to be there for the right reasons, but would it have killed her to keep JJ or Marquel around a little longer for some comic relief? She seems to be taking this process so seriously that all who remains is the men who take it as equally seriously.

It almost feels as if the Bachelor producers aren't advising her who to keep around for entertainment value because they're just so desperate to end up with a match at the end after Juan Pablo's season didn't end in a proposal.

Or maybe it's just that Andi is smarter than past Bachelorettes. Her law background may have given her a knack at picking out the guys she knows will be trouble because she sent party-boy Craig home after one transgression and booted alleged racist Andrew without batting an eye. It's true that frontrunner Nick Viall has been causing some problems in the house, but she's even reserving some doubts about him. We knew Andi would be a different kind of Bachelorette , we just had no idea she'd be so good at weeding out drama. It's good for her, but bad for her ratings.

Past Bachelorette seasons have suffered similar "boring" fates. But at least Desiree's season had the Brooks drama and Emily's season had fan favorite and "kissing bandit" Arie to lighten the mood. If Andi has any drama going forward it's likely to be a result of the guys caring too much and while that may be good for Andi, it's not so good for the viewers. We didn't sign up for six guys to be obsessed with her and also on their best behavior. We want some skinny dipping drama or at least a weird interaction with a family member on next week's hometown date. At this point that's about all that can save Andi's season.

The good news for Andi, at least, is that she'll probably find a guy to propose because it seems at this point that all six of the remaining men would like to do right this minute (Marcus even already told her he loves her).

For once I actually think all her remaining men are really there for the right reasons, I just didn't know how boring those right reasons would be.

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