His Best YouTube Videos Make Us Love Him Even More

Whoever's in charge of casting Big Brother got very lucky this season. Frankie Grande is the perfect Big Brother contestant. He is a chameleon, and now just because I hope his hair changes colors throughout the season. Frankie knows how to talk to people, and his personality doesn’t clash with others, which is to say, he's nowhere near as awful as my least favorite player in Big Brother history, Devin Shepherd.

Besides being Ariana Grande’s half-brother, this previous Mamma Mia! performer considers his occupation “YouTube Personality” on his CBS biography. I'm not sure how much that job pays, but it sounds pretty fun. However such a job also comes with a huge fan-base, and with a Team America twist in play this season, it goes without saying that Frankie has a huge advantage over the other players and will definitely reap the benefits of Team America.

A quick numbers rundown. Frankie’s YouTube channel has over 200,000 subscribers and over 10 million views. His Twitter account has over 574,000 followers, and over 530,000 followers on Instagram.

So I decided to take a look into this YouTube personality’s page, just to see what all the hype is about. Here are the top eight videos on Frankie Grande’s page you need to see, especially if you claim to be livin’ la vida Grande.

1. Get to Know Him

Memorable Moment: Frankie studied entomology in college and can (and does) name every bug you’ve never wanted to hear aloud.

2. Go on His Family Vacation

Memorable Moment: So many. But this video proves that if the whole YouTube personality thing doesn’t work out and Frankie doesn't take home Big Brother's prize, he has a great future in Transylvanian accents, as seen at 0:47 seconds.

3. Spend Time with Him and Ariana

Memorable Moment: This one is more about Ariana than it is Frankie, but the two of them cracking up over Ariana’s whistle tone is amazing. Also ICYMI, Ariana Grande is a really good singer.

4. Watch Their Families’ Lives Change

Memorable Moment: This one has a lot of feelings. Watching Frankie and his family watch Ariana perform on stage with a Bieber-sized crowd will bring tears to anyone’s eyes. They’re just so proud! Of course the douchiest moment goes to Justin Bieber for riding by his fans in an all white outfit...on a Segway.

5. Go to the MTV Movie Awards with Frankie and Ariana

Memorable Moment: All of Frankie and Ariana’s limo fun is perfect. Once on the red carpet, Frankie hangs out with “Janet McCreedy” a.k.a. Jennette McCurdy, Ariana's Sam & Cat costar.

6. Get Educated on Edible Things by the Grandes

Memorable Moment: The entire video is 0:36 seconds, thus the entire video is memorable. Shout out to the cute dog!

7. Go to Hogwarts with the Grandes

Memorable Moment: Frankie has “the most magical pee” of his life when Moaning Myrtle makes her presence known in the bathroom (where else would she be?).

8. Nurse Frankie back to health

Memorable Moment: Frankie tries to convince the viewers that he had a calm holiday season, and ended up losing his voice by chance, but his flashback videos prove otherwise.