Scott Disick's Summer Essentials List Is So Insane, Even Royalty Would Disapprove — PHOTOS

We thought Scott Disick might finally be joining us lowly peasants when he was seen driving a van, of all things, on a recent KUWTK. But now he has to go and spoil it with his incredibly expensive "summer essentials" list. True, Lord Disick has always erred on the side of being the least humble ever (never forget when Scott's excuse for not picking up the $17 pizza tab was that he "only had hundred dollar bills.") Still, we'd foolishly hoped that the now van-driving soon-to-be daddy of three was maybe starting to warm up to the idea of a somewhat simpler life.

Instead, we are being treated to his ridiculously expensive "summer essentials" list which can be found on According to Us Weekly, it's a site which "allows users to organize and share the things they cherish most."

So what does Lord Disick cherish most? Pricey material items, of course! In fact, his essential summertime objects total over $450,000. I don't know about you, but I can't even afford to replace the sunglasses I lost at the beach last year. I don't know where I'm supposed to get nearly half a million dollars for these "essential" items.

Since we'll probably never be able to go out and buy what Disick insists we own, let's just pretend we have his lifestyle by perusing the photos instead.

Oh look! According to our Rolex Yacht-Master II, it's time for a road trip! (Disick would like us to note that "this watch is yacht appropriate and for day only.")

I guess we better pack for our vacay! Garrett Leight sunglasses? Check!

Custom monogramed bathing suit? Check!

Louis Vuitton luggage set to store my precious belongings in? Check!

Alright, it's time to get on the road. Which car should we take this time? Ah, how about our white Lamborghini Aventador? As Disick says, it's "subtle and color appropriate for summer!"

Gotta love our summertime essentials. We are so #blessed.

Images: LordDisick/Snupps [5]; giphy [2]