Lily Allen's Video For "URL Badman" Calls Out Internet Trolls (Lookin' at You, Hipsters) — VIDEO

When Lily Allen released her single "Hard Out Here," she received a lot of hate from commenters on the Internet. Naturally, she imagined that these evil commenters were the prototypical white male hipster living in their mothers' basements, the type who has nothing better to do than insult other people, and maybe jerk off every now and again. The always-outspoken Allen wanted to call them out for their behavior, so, enter the song and video for Allen's "URL Badman."

As Allen told Andy Greene of Rolling Stone:

In the song, Allen paints a portrait of someone who claims that he doesn't "troll, [he makes] statements," who, in her first-person mock-autobiography, also describes himself as:

Yeah, Wordpress — getting a shout out in a pop song! Allen name-checks throughout the tune while she satirizes nasty anonymous commenters who wish they were bloggers, but the point isn't the A$AP and Kanye references (or the Vice or Complex shout-outs, for that matter)— it's that she's takin' down the trolls by getting on their level.

Prospective commenters might want to know that Allen said in the aforementioned Rolling Stone interview that she doesn't read comments on articles or blog posts anymore, and she only reads YouTube comments for the first 48 hours that the video is up.

You can check out the video for the fourth single off of her latest album Sheezus, below:

Lily Allen on YouTube

Image: YouTube