Harry Styles' Man-Bun Is a Sight to Behold

by Quinn Keaney

Another day, another picture of Harry Styles in all of his shirtless glory. What a time to be alive! Harry Styles was recently photographed relaxing poolside sans t-shirt at a hotel in Lake Como, Italy (as you do), and while the image most likely inspired many things (1D fanfiction is no joke), one of them seems to be the Twitter hashtag "#1DpicsHarry" which began trending worldwide on Wednesday morning. It’s no secret that the floppy-haired, bad boy singer could simply sneeze and it would sets thousands of Directioners’ hearts aflutter, and Wednesday the band’s fandom went into full-on Harry Styles mania with an all-out barrage of Harry pictures flooding timelines the world over.

To be honest, whether you're a Directioner or not, an obsessive hashtag that brings endless pictures of Harry Styles onto Twitter timelines isn't the worst thing that could happen to a pop star fandom (here's looking at you, Beliebers). I say, bring on more Harry Styles. At least this is an upgrade from one of One Direction's previous hashtag trends, amid band members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson's highly publicized, but not surprising, weed scandal. Fellow band member Liam Payne tried to get the attention off their backs by starting the twitter trends #wearahoodyfor1d and #WearAsManyClothesAsYouCanAtOnceFor1D. While seeing 1D fans wear as many clothes as possible was funny, the "wear a hoody" trend seemed like it may have had an accidental connection to Trayvon Martin and the way he was honored following his death.

This time around, however, the hashtag is just an excuse to ogle Harry Styles, and it seems everyone was totally on board for that.

Here's the photo that started it all. The Directioners might have been excited about the no-shirt situation, but the man-bun is definitely the best part:

In honor of the pic, we got everything from museum worthy artistic collages:

To Directioners predicting natural disasters:

To mourning the loss of his sophisticated headwear:

One Direction Twitter users really could not be stopped:

And why would they? After all, according to fans his smile can "cure cancer, make the rain stop, and the sun shine."

Carry on, Directioners. Carry on.