Vacation Inspiration from Your Fave 'PLL' Stars

Looks like the entire Pretty Little Liars family is enjoying their summer break from filming! Creator I. Marlene King's Twitter feed is full of posts hashtagged "workingvacay" and mentionings of a recent House of Cards binge-watch (we've all been there, right?). Troian Bellisario's off living the high life with her fiancee on a very IG-picturesque trip to Canada. Lucy Hale is busy cementing her status as country music's biggest new star on her national tour for Road Between — she's performed everywhere from the famed Grand Ole Opry to Good Morning America, and she's just getting started.

There's no doubt that King, Bellisario, and Hale are enjoying their well-deserved time off — but fellow little Liars Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell might just be having the best time ever. Because while King basks in her time away from the office, Bellisario sits by the lake with her future husband, and Hale sings in some of the country's hottest venues, Benson and Mitchell are cooling their jets in none other than... Hawaii.

Yep, get jealous: they're doing Hawaii, and they're doing it right. So, whether you have the good fortune to be making a trip to the islands this summer or just have a day trip planned to the nearest beach, here are a few things we can learn from half of the regular cast of Pretty Little Liars, starting right from the airport.

1. Good luggage will make your travels that much better

Ashley's luggage is absolutely fabulous. While I can't afford Vuitton, I can manage to find myself a whimsically-printed tote, like this one from ASOS:

2. Travel in style (and comfort)

Breezy ankle drawstring pants might be just have the perfect ratio of comfortable to fashionable for air travel. Uniqlo has a great version of the look! So much chicer than your old pair of sweats.

Also, I need a monogrammed passport holder now.

3. Enjoy the view...

4. ...With a drink in hand

Shay's mai tai looks good enough to snatch right out of the screen of her Instagram. While technology hasn't quite reached that level yet, you can in fact make your own — with minimal effort!

5. Hit the beach in your best triangle top bikini

The triangle top never goes out of fashion — and you need look no further than Forever 21 to find a tropical take on the ubiquitous trend!

And be sure to complete the look with some fabulous sunnies!

6. Remember to work it

When you're not busy weathering the surf with a simple bikini/towel combo, take a leaf out of former model Shay Mitchell's book and strut your stuff! While an actual hibiscus might be a little cumbersome to wear in real life, you can always go floral-inspired instead. I'm currently obsessed with this Hibiscus Pink L'Absolu Rouge from Lancome:

It's a dead ringer for the shade Shay wears above, and it's somewhere magical between hot pink and deep berry.

7. Finally, have fun with your pals!

No trip's the same without a good friend or two to share it with! Incidentally, a lacy swim cover-up and a sea salt texturizing spray also make great friends.

Images: shaym, itsashbenzo/Instagram