Lucy Hale's New Album is Adorable

This starlet has a lot more on her plate than just playing Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars . In fact, as it turns out, someone who's real life actually doesn't involve obsessing over Ezra Fitz and, you know, dealing with anonymous stalkers is free to do a lot of things... like starting a music career. In June, Lucy Hale dropped her first album Road Between which, according to Billboard, debuted at number four on the country music charts. Not too shabby, Luce! Fans of Taylor Swift are definitely going to like this one — it's way more pop than country, and reminds me a lot of TSwift's early stuff. Ah, the "Teardrops on My Guitar" era. Don't believe me? Check out her video for "You Sound Good to Me," and then join me as I die from the sheer adorableness.

Surprising fact: Hale was actually into music way before she ever set foot on the PLL set, so let's not marginalize her into the category of stars from teen shows who morph into musicians overnight. In 2003, Hale competed in American Idol's short-lived attempt at a singing competition for the younger set, American Juniors, and won. And if you haven't seen her audition, go. Right now. Eventually, she found success a lot sooner when the role of Aria fell into her lap, but now that Hale's got the clout of starring in PLL behind her, she's ready to take over the music scene for real.

And fortunately, country music seems to be taking her seriously. Hale performed at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time last month, and sees her music as a way to share some of herself with her fans instead of fictional characters like Aria — even though we all know Aria isn't fictional, right? Right?

"As a young female, it's kind of weird to talk about your true feelings," Hale told Rolling Stone recently. "You're not allowed to be upset and you're not allowed to be angry and you're not allowed to be pissed off, so with music, you can kind of release all that. For me, it was a way of being okay to share my true feelings because I don't necessarily always get to do that."

And what about the other PLL stars? We do have a few more musicians in our midst. Although Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Ashley Benson don't plan on striking out with solo projects of their own — yet — both Sasha Pieterse (Alison) and Keegan Allen (Toby) already have. Pieterse, like Hale, is going for that country vibe in her music, which is available on iTunes. And as for Allen? He's performed a few acoustic shows featuring his original music, including this song from his first ever concert last summer.

Even when we're no longer getting brand new episodes of PLL every Tuesday — and guys, this is a reality we need to be prepared to face — we can soothe our wounds with the cast's sweet, sweet music. And if you're imagining Hale's singing every love song on her album to Ezra Fitz... well, that makes two of us.