Kathy Bates is Latest NBC Star to Insult the Network

On Friday, Kathy Bates attended the American Horror Story: Coven panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. She was there with her co-stars to talk about the upcoming season of the horror series, but somehow, the conversation turned towards her canceled NBC procedural Harry's Law. Apparently, Bates is still upset about that loss. Speaking about the network, Bates said, "I think they treated us like shit ... they kicked us to the curb," The Wrap reports. She then continued, "I think they disrespected us, Ii think they disrespected our 7 to 11 million viewers every week, and I think they're getting what they deserve."

Let's calm down there Ms. Bates, it was Harry's Law. If she has any reason to be mad at NBC, it's for making her be a part of The Office's awful seventh season. And this is hardly the first time NBC has been mocked by one of its own stars. This past March, Leno told the following holiday tale.

"You know the whole legend of St. Patrick, right? St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, and then they came into the United States and became NBC executives. It's a fascinating story, a fascinating story."

Maybe he was angry about Jimmy Fallon replacing him next year, as he and Conan O'Brien had plenty to say when they were fighting over The Tonight Show. A sample of one of O'Brien's jabs at the network is below.

"Welcome to NBC, where our new slogan is ‘No longer just screwing up primetime.’

But if any NBC employee is the MVP of insulting the network, it's Tina Fey. Throughout 30 Rock's seven seasons the show often mocked the station that it both aired the comedy and served as its setting. When all of the show's characters work for the network, it's just too easy. Here are some of the best jokes 30 Rock made at NBC's expense. R.I.P 30 Rock (no one cares Harry's Law).

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