Definitive Ranking of Jennifer Lawrence's Movies Because Some of Them Are Seriously Terrible

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest powerhouse actresses around, and one of the most lovable celebrities of this generation. From winning Oscars to tripping at the Oscars, there are few things J. Law can actually do wrong (besides maybe that haircut—definitely still not over that haircut). Once crowned "America's Kickass Sweetheart," her star status has been only further cemented by just how large of a talent she is, combined with the fact that she adorably fangirls just as hard as the rest of us. I mean, did you see how she acted around Jack Nicholson?

However, the road to stardom wasn’t as easy for her as it seems. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she let it slip that she auditioned for multiple big roles in well-known movies and struck out — Bella Swan in Twilight, Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Jules (Emma Stone's character) in Superbad included.

Fortunately for her (or more importantly, us), the road eventually led to superstardom, but mixed in with her stellar collection of career-defining roles, there maybe, possibly, might have been some doozies. Like, one. Or two. But who's counting?

Well, actually, I am. I took on the challenge of ranking the good, the bad, and the amazing of Jennifer Lawrence's film career so that you can spare yourself some of her flops. Take a walk down memory lane with me, as I figure out where she hit, and where she really, really missed.

12-14. The Devil You Know, Garden Party, and The Burning Plain

These three movies are listed here for a combination of Jennifer Lawrence's part because very small, bad reviews, and J. Law's other movies being way more important. We have a lot to get to here. Let's keep it moving!

11. House at the End of the Street

Poor, young, innocent J. Law. It’s hard to hate her for anything, but if we had to choose a reason, starring in this 2011 anything-but-thrilling thriller would be it. With a ten percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a plot that had everyone screaming "WTF" instead of just plain screaming, it’s safe to say that audience members and movie critics alike would rather compete in The Hunger Games than sit through this clunky excuse for a horror movie ever again. At least her hair was on point.

10. The Beaver

This bizarre indie movie came and went pretty fast, and not without reason. The Jodie Foster-directed film about Mel Gibson wearing a talking beaver puppet on his hand — That’s right. TALKING. BEAVER. PUPPET — starred a sweet, fresh-faced Lawrence as a love interest for costar Anton Yelchin. She certainly tries to make the best of it, but Mel Gibson totally losing his mind stole the show, as only a grown man conversing with a puppet can.

9. The Poker House

Otherwise known as The Movie Jennifer Lawrence Starred in Before She Was Jennifer Lawrence, this small film was one of the first times J. Law graced the screen. Alongside Selma Blair and Chloë Grace Moretz, she portrays one of the young daughters of a mother who turns to prostitution to support them. Heart wrenching, dark, and emotional, it’s easy to spot Lawrence’s first glimmer of legit acting chops.

8. Like Crazy

This is the kind of movie you watch when you want to ugly cry, since it’ll break your heart into a million, tiny little pieces. Seriously, stock up on tissues. Lawrence has a small, but important, role in the film, once again opposite Anton Yelchin as his girlfriend. Although she doesn’t come away with the man, audience members most definitely came away with something, because she was hailed as one of the brightest, most memorable aspects of the film.

7. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Lawrence works Mystique’s blue body paint like no other in the newest addition to the X-Men series, but something about her role left room for improvement. While she’s still amazing (when is she not, though?), her choice to portray everybody's favorite shape-shifting mutant as less human, more terminator-automaton, was a little disappointing. Gone is fierce emotional performances from her that we're used to, and in her place, a stoic character who could have been played by anyone.

6. American Hustle

Her part may not have been the biggest, but the scene of Lawrence frantically lip-synching to “Live And Let Die” while wearing yellow rubber gloves and a mile-high (might I even say, fabulous?) up-do, is so outrageous that it quickly became one of the best moments of American Hustle. Not to mention, she swapped spit with Amy Adams. Get it, girl.

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss returns to kick ass and take names in the epic sequel to The Hunger Games, and boy did she deliver. One moment she’s viciously taking down The Capitol, and the next she’s sharing a tender kiss with Peeta on the beach (#swoon). J. Law nailed it. Also, can we talk about those costumes? AMAZING.

4. X-Men: First Class

Lawrence’s initial foray into the mutant world was a tremendous one. Even in the midst of an action-packed sci-fi movie, she manages to keep her raw acting abilities from getting lost. In the end she may have gone to the dark side to join forces with Magneto, but her performance was so good (and her body paint so utterly badass) that it's totally fine to overlook that.

3. Winter’s Bone

Welcome to Hollywood, Jennifer. In this bleak, taut indie thriller, Lawrence made her mainstream debut playing an Ozark teen who sets off to find her meth-cooking father. Coincidentally, she also found stardom, earning herself her first Oscar nomination for the performance.

2. The Hunger Games

I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE... to watch this movie over and over and over again. Katniss arrives in the first chapter of the dystopian epic, and with her, a worldwide obsession. Lawrence was fantastic as the gritty, bow-wielding heroine, and it was this film that officially launched her into the stratosphere of fame.

1. Silver Linings Playbook

Lawrence totally and completely hit it out of the park with Silver Linings Playbook. She won the Oscar for Best Actress thanks to her performance as the quirky and unstable Tiffany, and proved that along with the blue body paint in X-Men, she can also pull off a bedazzled white lycra dancing ensemble while boogieing with Bradley Cooper. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is talent.

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