'Almost Royal's Georgie is Really a Great Comedian

by Laura Rosenfeld

If you were hoping that marrying Almost Royal 's Georgie Carlton would be your ticket to snagging your own British title and being that much closer to becoming royalty, I have bad news for you. Though the proper British aristocrat who, so we are told, is 50th in line for the British throne, seems nothing but earnest, he's actually just another faux royal invading our TV screens this summer. Sorry, but just as his Almost Royal co-star Amy Hoggart plays his sister Poppy, your Prince Charming is actually just a character played by British comedian Ed Gamble.

But don't fret too much. Gamble may not actually be royalty, but he's still a pretty cool dude. As a rising star in the British comedy scene, Gamble has already had some major gigs and earned a few accolades. He's also got some interesting hobbies, and his social media accounts are just as entertaining as his stand-up routines. Gamble may not actually be the man you were expecting, but he's certainly not a disappointment either.

Now don't you want to know more about this funny guy, who's sure to become a major fixture in the comedy world? Thought so. Here's six things you should know to gain a greater appreciation of Gamble.

He's Really a Stand-Up Comedian

Gamble got his start in comedy as a wee lad, performing with the Durham Revue, Durham University's sketch comedy group. Since then, Gamble has performed on the British comedy TV shows Russell Howard's Good News and Dave's One Night Stand, in addition to opening for famous British comedian Greg Davies on his tour. This year, he won the 2014 Chortle Award for "Best Compere" and was nominated for "Best Club Comic" at the British comedy awards.

He's Famous for Being in a Comedy Duo

As the old adage goes, "It takes two to make a thing go right," and Gamble has found much acclaim as half of the comedy duo Peacock & Gamble. Already an established comedian, Ray Peacock was the emcee of a show Gamble performed in while he was a student at Durham University. A couple of years later, Peacock asked Gamble to appear on The Ray Peacock Podcast, and a beautiful partnership was born. In their act, Gamble plays the straight man to Peacock's eccentric and not-so-smart persona. They've since brought their act out on the road, performed on TV, and have been nominated for two Chortle Awards.

He's a Fan of Parks and Rec's Retta

Aren't we all?

His Instagram is Hilarious

Unsurprisingly, the man knows how to pair words with photos in sometimes unexpected but always laugh-out-loud funny ways.

He's a Metalhead

Unlike Georgie, who probably likes something of the Tom Jones variety, Gamble seems to be a big fan of heavy metal music. If it's too loud, you're too old.

But He's Got a Soft Spot for Cats

Who can resist these cuddly, furry friends? It looks like a visit to a Cat Cafe was just what Gamble needed to turn his frown upside down.

Image: BBC America, edgamblecomedy/Instagram, edgamblecomedy/Twitter