Are Maks & Meryl Partnering Up Again?

Hello, Maksyl fans. It's been a while, hasn't it? Between Meryl Davis spending her down time doing solo activities and Maksim Chmerkovskiy spending his downtime with Jennifer Lopez, our Maks and Meryl shipping dreams have seemed dead in the water. They dazzled us with their showmance and then they ripped the carpet out from under our feet, leaving us in a pained heap on the floor wondering how we got here. How could they give us chemistry so raw and passionate that we planned Maks and Meryl's wedding for them and then leave us high and dry? Well, cheer up! New hope has arrived in the form of Shall We Dance On Ice with Maks and Meryl (and some other people who aren't Maks and Meryl).

All right, let's be fair. The Shall We Dance On Ice event occurring at the U. S. Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington on Tuesday, December 16 is not a Maks and Meryl skating extravaganza. To be accurate, it's a Meryl Davis and Charlie White skating extravaganza, which should surprise absolutely no one. White's fiancee, Tanith Belbin, will also be skating with her partner Ben Agosto and they'll all be joined by many other champions. Maks and Sharna Burgess are more like special guests; in fact, they're special guests who probably will be dancing with each other.

But Maks and Meryl are going to be in the same place at the same time and dancing — on ice! Do we really believe that they're going to pass up the opportunity to get at least one glide with each other in? They understand each other's bodies so well by now and they practically can't even stand next to each other without generating immediate and overwhelming chemistry. They may not have invented eye sex, but they definitely perfected it.

Having both Maks and Meryl participate in Shall We Dance on Ice without having them partner with each other would be like setting a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly on a table and telling everyone that under no circumstances are they to try and make a sandwich out of them. It just can't be done! Maks and Meryl might not be dating, but we all know that they should be and the thing that brought them together in our lives was the power of dance.

We might have had to accept at this point that Maks and Meryl were just part of a really, really convincing showmance, but I'm sure that none of us have given up hope that they just need the right incentive to turn their showmance into a full-blown romance. What better incentive could there be than pulling Maks into Meryl's world of professional ice skating? He taught her how to move with him on the wood floors during Dancing with the Stars and now she can teach him how to move with her in her domain.

Once Maks and Meryl get the chance to feel what we felt when they danced all over again, they'll definitely fall into each other's arms. Then again, we might not actually get to see it happen. It might be safer for it all to take place backstage, because one look from Maks to Meryl might be enough to melt the ice beneath their skates completely.

To be honest, I'm completely okay with that if it means we can finally get a proper marriage proposal between the two of them. Maks and Meryl forever, guys.

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