When Are Maks & Meryl Getting Married? We Figured Out All The Details

Considering Maksim Chmerkovskiy took the liberty of proposing to Meryl Davis a mere five minutes after the two of them first met, it's really no wonder that the biggest question on everyone's minds after whether or not Maks and Meryl are dating is when are Maks and Meryl finally going to get married. We'd have to get them together first in order for them to make it down the aisle — not that we have any control over that — but it's only a matter of time. Even science mandates that Maks and Meryl should date and body language analysis has hinted that the two of them silently agree.

However, there still hasn't been any news yet. In fact, Maks and Meryl have been spending time apart, which might have been a cause for some people's concern. We've gotten so used to seeing the two of them attached at the hip and all the distance between them is making their fans long for their usual Maks and Meryl fix. I know I am. Since it's highly unlikely that we're ever going to get any real information out of Maks and Meryl about their wedding or their relationship, especially since the last time they were asked Meryl insisted that they prefer to keep their private lives incredibly private, we're going to have to fill in most of the blanks ourselves.

For everyone who refuses to give up hope that Maks and Meryl are going to become Mr. and Mrs. Chmerkovskiy one day, with two big Russian babies both nicknamed Bear, here's everything you need to know about the (imaginary) wedding.

The Proposal

Technically, Maks has already proposed. Technically, Maks proposes every single time he talks about Meryl. However, traditional proposals do expect there to be some sort of ring involved, which means that Maks is going to have to come up with something somehow more romantic than "I love you and I would love to marry you". Considering their last date took place at TAO Downtown in NYC, I can see Maks popping the question on top of the Empire State Building like so many cliches. The stars will be sparkling like his disco ball trophy, you guys. Meryl would be charmed.

The Time

Maks and Meryl are going to have a summer wedding. Why? To symbolize the heat and passion that has always existed between them, as well as the slow burn of their relationship from friendship to something deeper. That friendship is what carried them through all the invasive interviews about their love lives and it's what's going to bring them back together again after their return to their own lives makes them realize how much they miss being around each other.

The Location

Meryl would probably want the two of them to get married in Michigan. She was born there and hasn't left it since, not to mention it was the first place she went after leaving Maks' side and the Dancing with the Stars publicity circuit. It would comfort Meryl to be taking such a huge step in her life, one that could change everything, in the one place she has always felt safe and comfortable. And Maks is all about making Meryl feel safe and comfortable.

The Bridal Party

Am I the only one who is trying very hard not to picture Charlie White as Meryl's maid of honor? The position would traditionally go to Meryl's female best friend, but she and Charlie have known each other for years and they are currently the longest lasting dance team in the United States. Their friendship is incredibly strong and it just seems fitting for him to help lead her bridal party.

The Bachelor Party

To be perfectly honest, I feel like Maks' bachelor party would be a lot like that video of Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy dancing around naked with hats over their junk, except with a lot more alcohol and people involved. Hopefully, there would be less nudity involved, but it's a bachelor party. A little nudity is to be expected and it's nothing Meryl (and the whole world) hasn't seen before.

The Reception

The highlight of the reception will be Maks and Meryl's first dance. Since they're both performers, and as a nod to how they met, they'll have spent as much time choreographing their wedding routine as they did planning the wedding itself. It would be an entirely original performance, but hopefully it will be a lot like their sexy tango. That would be the perfect lead-in to their wedding night.

The Honeymoon

Since they held the wedding in Michigan, Maks and Meryl would like go to the Ukraine for their honeymoon. Maks would have fun doing all of the stereotypically tourist things with Meryl and showing her all of his favorite places from childhood, showing her sides of himself he's only just spoken of before. It would be a perfect end to the perfect couple's wedding extravaganza.

Image: ABC; maksimc/Instagram; meryledavis/Instagram