First Picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in 'Batman v. Superman' Puts Batfleck to Shame — PHOTO

Just in time for Independence Day, the official Twitter for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has allowed us to feast our eyes on the symbol of American justice. Well, the DC symbol of American justice. Our first look at Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman might not seem very impressive considering we already know how well Cavill fills out that suit from watching him in Man of Steel, but it's still worth a look. Or ten. It's certainly more impressive than the first look at Ben Affleck as Batman, although that picture did go a long way toward convincing people that the Batfleck wouldn't be such a joke after all.

Now that we've gotten a good preview of both Batman and Superman, the title of the film is practically inviting us to choose sides. It's Batman v Superman, after all, even though we all know that this story is going to end in the Justice League and one of the greatest superhero friendships in DC history. The question of which superhero one prefers, Batman or Superman, might be easy to answer objectively, but what if you had to base your answer solely on the photos of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill? Looking at the two pictures below, would you decide to be Team Superman or Team Batman?

Team Superman

Warner Bros. Pictures

Strengths: Superman looks nothing if not ready for action. This is a stance that says, "I fear not your mortal rainstorms. I fear not your mortal night. I am the beacon of truth and justice and mighty jawlines everywhere. I am Superman." Honestly, I can't tell whether to run toward or away from him in this picture.

Weaknesses: Why is Superman standing in the dark and in the rain of possibly-Gotham? Batman's the Dark Knight. Superman's the one who stands on top of buildings in the middle of the day with his cape flowing in the wind. A common complaint about Man of Steel was that it was trying too hard to do Superman if Superman was Batman and this picture really reflects that.

Fan Reaction: Generally positive.

Overall Score: Still trying to drag my eyes off his biceps.

Team Batman

Warner Bros. Pictures

Strengths: Shrouded in shadows and depicted in black and white, the tone and mood of this picture suit Batman perfectly. He's a superhero that lives permanently in the grey area between hero and villain. Plus, look at that Batmobile. If you don't want to take a ride in that awesome looking thing, then I just don't understand you.

Weaknesses: Why is Batman staring at the ground like someone took the last cookie? He's the Dark Knight and he looks about as menacing as a glass of lemonade in this picture. Instead of being scared, I just want to give Batman a hug and tell him to cheer up.

Fan Reaction: Generally lukewarm.

Overall Score: Seriously, cheer up, Batman.

The Winner

Yeah, we're going to give this one to Team Superman. Sorry, Sad!Batfleck. I'm sure in any other situation, you would win.