Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Burger? Certainly Not McDonald's

Along with longtime competitors KFC and Taco Bell, McDonald's is suffering as Americans divert their loyalty to better tasting fast-food chains. McDonald’s has the worst-tasting burger, KFC has the most disappointing chicken, and Taco Bell offers the most offensive burrito, according to a survey released yesterday of more than 30,000 Consumer Reports subscribers.

McDonalds earned itself a measly 5.8 rating, falling behind 20 other fast-food chains I’ve never even hear of – Fuddruckers, Culver’s and Kystal, to name a few.

Perhaps consumers are repelled by the pink paste rumored to play a crucial role in the concoction of a chicken McNugget — or revolted by the fact than an actual McDonald's burger looks nothing like the commercials promise.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post hypothesizes that the reason McDonald's sales decreased by 0.2 percent last year is because the company is spreading itself a little thin. McDonald’s has been in a frantic attempt to reinvigorate its menu with new options since last year, offering costumers items like Fish McBites, McWraps, and Mighty Wings.

Apparently, the company’s experimentation has exhausted its local kitchens. This year, McDonald’s chief financial officer Peter Bensen claims that the company will “refocus the core,” a promise that restores hope for the quality of our Happy Meals.

In the meantime, I admit that McDonalds might not be the most delicious burger — but it's certainly one of the cheapest and most reliable. Truthfully, If I wanted to get a burger at Culver’s or Kystal, I wouldn’t know where to go, so I maintain the belief that sometimes "bad" is really really good.