Everyone Wants 'House of Cards' Spoilers, Even the Chinese Government

Sorry, guys, even if you're a major member of a country's government, you still can't have House of Cards spoilers — you still have to bingewatch it, just like the rest of us chumps. Members of the China's government found this out the hard way when, according to the Wall Street Journal's China Real Time blog, the Chinese government asked for advance looks at House of Cards scripts when the series requested permission (that was later denied) to film two episodes of the show at the United Nations.

Here's how it went down: House of Cards asked for access to film scenes for two episodes in the chamber of the U.N. Security Council, but a few countries — including Russia and China — spoke up to voice concerns and objections about the request, with Russia saying that the U.N. was no place for a TV show to shoot. China agreed with Russia, then, hilariously, requested the right to approve any scripts for episodes that intended to film scenes in the U.N. As the WSJ reported:

Council members, China said, “should have a rough idea on scripts for those episodes which are relating to our work.”

We know what you're doing, China. Don't think Internet commenters haven't tried that same trick for ages to get spoilers about our favorite shows. Just replace "council members" with "fans" and "relating to our work" with "relating to our favorite TV show," and that argument has been directed at writers by fans on Twitter loads of times.

Anyway, there's hope for the show filming at the U.N. regardless — though they were denied the U.N. Security Council room, they could film in another section of the U.N. if that request were to be granted.

Image: Netflix