Goats Singing the National Anthem Is the Most American Thing You'll See — VIDEO

There's something weirdly soothing about goats making human music. Their bulging eyes, their spalying ears, their dulcet screeches. So, with July 4 showing its patriotic head this weekend, why not celebrate with some goats singing the national anthem? I mean, what else would you celebrate with?

This isn't just one extremely talented goat at work, it's a whole chorus of weirdly talented goats (including one of the ones that screams like a human) that's directed by what appears to be an extremely sadistic conductor. Because let me tell you, there are some things I did not expect going into this video, and they include unnecessary shots of goat butts and most of the goats exploding. What is this, an Australian PSA against skipping school?

To be... fair, I guess, the goats explode in fireworks, so that's in theme with the whole July 4 thing. But then there are just fires left where the goats once were, with the remaining goats seeming relatively unfazed by the fiery areas where their brethren once stood. And to be actually fair, it does not appear as if any goats were harmed in the making of this video.

Happy Independence Day weekend, everyone!

Image: World Wide Interweb/Instagram