Elle MacPherson Intimates' Disturbing Ad Campaign

Ever wanted to buy the same bra sported by victims of domestic violence? Well, now you're one step closer to making this morbid wish come true. A shocking image from an Elle MacPherson Intimates ad campaign started making the Twitter rounds this weekend. The company was going for a whole provocative-imagery-catching-your-eye thing, but how far is too far when you're selling a product?

The image, according to Coloribus (Creative Advertising Executive), is the product of a 2004 photo shoot for Elle MacPherson Intimates. The photo shows a door opening on a woman in a pretty black ensemble who appears hurt, as if thrown on the floor. Sydney-based bra designer Renee Mayne was the first to dig up and tweet the provocative image.

A number of Elle MacPherson Intimates images from 2004 centred on voyeuristic themes, but the lady-on-the-floor photo has to be the most disturbing. I doubt Elle MacPherson Intimates meant to portray a victim of domestic abuse, but that sure is what it looks like. Mayne is right, this ad is pretty much the opposite of what lingerie should be all about — helping women feel empowered and sexy. The other images from the campaign are less violent but still pretty creepy.

Ugh, Peeping Tom much? I don't know what exactly the company was aiming for, but these images certainly don't make me want to wear any revealing see-through lingerie around the house — mostly I just want to cover myself up in case some creeper is lurking outside my window. The photos are certainly provocative, and I can appreciate the creative effort. But, if anything, these photos belong much more in an art gallery than on a billboard. Sexual assault and voyeurism are not sexy, and it's not cool to use them to sell intimates to women.

Elle MacPherson Intimates images: