'Tammy' & 8 More Movie Failures That Just Make Us Sad

Bad news, movie fans: according to reviews, Tammy is not great. In fact, it's not even good; one review I recently read called it a "character comedy, minus comedy and a character," and that was one of the nicer ones. Unfortunately, despite a stellar cast, decent trailers, and our fervent wishes that it be our new favorite movie, it looks like Tammy is going to be a failure.

By that, I don't mean a financial failure; Tammy's first few days saw it bring in serious money, and with so much press, it's bound to do well over the Fourth of July weekend. I'm talking about failure in terms of viewers' emotions — a movie that we wanted and expected to love, and instead found ourselves hugely disappointed. This is an experience not limited to Tammy, of course; plenty of movies over the years have filled audiences with excitement during previews and press, only to let us down with their final product. We should be used to it by now, but every time, it hurts; when will movies stop messing with our heads already and just give us the films we're hoping for? Nine movies who seriously disappointed us:

John Carter

Walt Disney Studios

Expectation: Tim Riggins! Shirtless! Friday Night Lights nostalgia! Cool action! A new franchise!

Reality: Tim Riggins! Shirtless! And... that's it? Decent dialogue and a follow-able plot would've been nice, too.

The Lovely Bones

Paramount Pictures

Expectation: With a cast and director as good as this, there's no way The Lovely Bones won't be just as good as the book it's based on.

Reality: Well, at least we have the book, right?

Lady in the Water

Warner Bros. Pictures

Expectation: Sure, The Village wasn't great, but the newest M. Night Shyamalan movie looked like it could be as spooky-good as The Sixth Sense or Unbreakable.

Reality: It was awful, in a let's-pretend-this-never-happened kind of way.

Ocean's Twelve

Warner Bros.

Expectation: No one was expecting Ocean's Twelve to be incredible, but since the first movie was so good, we were hopeful its sequel would be nearly as enjoyable.

Reality: Not even close. Ocean's 12 was a mess.

Man of Steel

Warner Bros. Pictures

Expectation: Judging from those trailers, it was going to be incredible. Finally, a good Superman movie!

Reality: Nope. Just another over-long, confusing Superman movie. Maybe Batman v. Superman will be better?

The Great Gatsby

Warner Bros. Pictures

Expectation: A novel prime for adaptations, an A-list cast, a score by Jay-Z: what could go wrong?

Reality: Apparently, everything. The Great Gatsby may not have been terrible, but it sure wasn't good.

The Da Vinci Code

Columbia Pictures

Expectation: Like Gatsby, another beloved novel with the potential to make for a fantastic movie, especially with Tom Hanks involved.

Reality: A cringeworthy attempt at an adaptation.

Alice in Wonderland

Walt Disney Studios

Expectation: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's collaborations were always great, and this — especially with the rest of that cast — looked like a win.

Reality: So. Many. Colors.

Oz The Great and Powerful

Walt Disney Studios

Expectation: A new take on Oz, with a star-studded cast and an acclaimed director should have been ingredients to a perfect movie.

Reality: Confusing plotlines, bland performances, way too much CGI. We asked for a Wizard of Oz remake, but maybe we'd have been better off just leaving it alone.