Ken Jeong Joins 'Ride Along 2' & Now There's Hope For That Movie

While I'm not particularly interested in the prospect of a sequel to Ride Along, I am particularly interested in any new roles that Ken Jeong acquires now that Community is gearing up to produce its last season. So, that said: According to Variety, Ken Jeong has joined the cast of Ride Along 2, and will star alongside returning cast members Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

So, why exactly is a Ride Along sequel happening despite the first film currently holding a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 18%? Apparently, in addition to getting not-so-great reviews, the movie also made bank at the box office, and pulled in $153 million in ticket sales. Since the way of life in Hollywood is looking at any movie that was a box office success and immediately giving it a sequel, Ride Along 2 is now officially happening.

It's not clear as of yet who Jeong will be portraying, but I'm hopeful that his addition to the film will be a major one: In addition to being kind of crazy smart, he's got a lot of range as an actor. One day, he plays a doctor, and another, he plays a crazy international criminal who can survive just about anything.

Ride Along 2 is set to be directed by Tim Story, and will hit theaters on January 15, 2016.