Superman Spooning Batman In Fake Movie Poster Is a Vast Improvement on the Original — PHOTO

The first photo of Henry Cavill all decked out and rained on for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice surfaced online Thursday, which means a couple of different things. The first is that a lot of people squinted really hard at it and tried to see if there was actually enough to judge, or if Superman just looked exactly like he did in Man Of Steel. The second was that the proletariat went to work right away to make the picture better, and they did that by photoshopping Batman and Superman cuddling like they're posing for an awkward prom picture. Because the Internet.

It's things like these — which happen literally daily in the vast realm of the Sherlock fandom but which only go viral every few months or so — that can make waiting for Batman V Superman fun as opposed to, say, long and dredging. Remember that time an actual movie establishment made use of a slashy manip of Thor and Loki cuddling when Thor: The Dark World came out? It was marvelous. This is marvelous, too. All the proof you need lies in the heart that replaced Batman V Superman's "V."

We live in a glorious age.

Images: Twitter