Megan Fox Posts No Makeup Selfie, Shows Off Eyebrows That Rival Cara Delevingne's

Model and professional celeb BFF Cara Delevingne is the reigning champion of bold eyebrows. Her thick and bushy but well-groomed brows are youthfully amazing. She now has a serious brow rival in the form of one Megan Fox. The actress posted a no-makeup selfie and in it, her brows are nearly flawless and anti-plucked.

So, this is what the wife of Brian Austin Green looks like without product. Her lips are still enticingly full and pouty, and I love how her lashes look effortlessly separated and Twiggy-like. But where she really got me was with those brows. They are quite a dark and manicured contrast to her soft baby blues and frame them perfectly. Plus, those unruly and errant hairs of the inner corners are cute. Obviously, Mrs. BAG doesn't need makeup.

However, Ms. Delevingne may have seen her brow crown usurped. Her closest rival for brow supremacy had been footballer Cristiano Ronaldo but now she has to contend with the always foxy Fox. If brows were movies, Delevingne and Fox would have epic summer blockbusters. And actually, Fox sorta does have a possible blockbuster on her hands, if her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick does what the movie studio and producers hope at the box office.

I gotta hand it to Fox, too. With two young toddlers — both boys! — at home and a new movie to promote, she certainly isn't letting her looks fall by the wayside. See, you can have it "all," with the all being family, career, and beauty.

Image: Megan Fox/Instagram