OK, Nevermind: Rob Kardashian Was Totally Joking About Having a Son

Last night, the Internet was abuzz (OK, maybe just me, considering that I have a secret Kardashians obsession that NO ONE CAN TELL ANYONE ABOUT) with rumors that the most mysterious Kardashian, Rob, may have fathered a secret son without any of us being the wiser. Scandalous! Well, fear not Kardashian fans: there still isn't any aspect of the family's life that they keep hidden from us, because, apparently, Rob Kardashian does not have a son — like the totally hilarious jokester he is (???) he was totally just kidding on Twitter last night.

In the Internet's defense, though — it was kind hard not to believe him a little. The source of those rumors was, after all, Rob himself, when he basically told us all on Twitter, and I quote, "Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow !! Can’t wait to watch fireworks with my little man ! Hope everyone is safe ! X." Add that to the fact that Rob has joked about having a son for years (once in 2009, with Nicole Richie, and once in 2013 in a now-deleted Instagram post) and, well...it's pretty difficult not to wonder, if the source of the rumor is the actual subject of the rumor as well, right?

Seriously though — it's actually kind of amazing that Rob was able to literally troll the entire Internet and it took less than 140 characters for him to do it. That's the power of being a Kardashian, I guess.

Image: Tumblr