The Cutest Bike Shorts to Prevent a Marilyn Monroe Moment

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The summer dress may be the best thing to wear, next to nothing, in the sweltering heat of mid-summer. One thing’s for sure though—a good strong breeze is it’s mortal enemy. All you need do is walk over the wrong subway grate or linger too long in a windy street, and hello! You’re Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch . That effortless summer dress has effortlessly upended itself, exposing all of London and most of France to any passerby.

However, there is a way to safeguard against this particular type of involuntary indecent exposure – bike shorts. They’re just as cool now as they were in your childhood, only this time, they protect you from public humiliation. Plus, they're just as comfortable to wear as your PJ's.

Even if you would sooner walk a tightrope than actually get on a bike, these handy little cycling pants are the key to deflecting any Marilyn Monroe moments waiting to happen. We’ve collected some of the cutest, most playful bike shorts to wear under your favorite summer dresses. You can opt for a printed dress with a solid short. You can try a neutral frock with a funky short. Even better, you could double up on printed garments and just let your freak flag fly! If any Monroe-ments sneak up on you, you’ll be flashing the world in style.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

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