Oscar Pistorius Reenacts Deadly Night, and Here's the Video

On Sunday, an Australian television network leaked footage of Oscar Pistorius reenacting his shooting of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. In a preview video released by the Channel 7, Pistorius is shown moving without his prostheses, right hand extended as if holding a gun, toward the closed door similar to that of the bathroom where Steenkamp died. The full video is set to air Sunday night.

Pistorius shot Steenkamp through the door on the eve of Valentine's Day 2013, and the seemingly endless trial has brought twists and turns that wouldn't be out of place in a bestselling police thriller. Pistorius and his defense team claim the Blade Runner had persistent fears of a break-in at his home and shot Steenkamp on the mistaken impression that she was a burglar. Prosecutors, on the other hand, allege that he had anger issues and killed Steenkamp after a fight earlier that night.

The video doesn't give any new information on that front, but it's incredibly chilling nonetheless. In addition to the clip of Pistorius determinedly walking toward the bathroom without his prosthetic legs, previews for the full video show him carrying a brunette woman, reportedly his sister, down a flight of stairs. The reenactment was apparently filmed last year by The Evidence Room, a Cleveland-based company whose mission statement reads:

Since 2002, The Evidence Room has built a reputation as reliable, innovative, and efficient professionals in the field of Forensic Animation and legal demonstratives. Let us VISUALIZE your case and you will SEE the results.

Despite its apparent purpose, the video has reportedly not been shown during the trial, and it's still unclear why it was filmed in the first place. Although the full footage has not yet been released, you can watch the promotional preview below.

Although a spokesperson for Pistorius's defense team acknowledges that the footage was filmed for demonstrative purposes, she claims it was leaked illegally. "Its usage also constitutes a breach of privilege as this material was produced for trial purposes on the instructions of a commissioner," she said, "and the ownership of the copyright vests in the commissioner." She also criticized the network for violating the family's privacy.

The trial returned last week after a 30-day hiatus that Pistorius spent under psychological evaluation. And things may not look good for the defense: a four-person team determined that he wasn't mentally incapacitated during the shooting, which pretty much destroys the excuse that the shooting was a direct result of his generalized anxiety disorder. A verdict is expected later this summer.