Taylor Swift & Emma Stone's Epic Friendship Goes Back Further Than You Knew

We've talked before about the sheer PR magic Taylor Swift has worked to transform herself from Everybody's High School Girlfriend into Everybody's Twentysomething Best Friend. Swift herself only further confirmed the power of this transformation through her amazing July 4 instagrams featuring what seems like half the population of the celebrity world. It also includes Emma Stone, who many were surprised to learn is good friends with Swift.

But Stone and Swift have been friends for a while. They may not flaunt their love on social media on every occasion, but they've been friends at least as long as Stone's been actively famous, if not longer. Just take this April 2010 interview with MTV — back when Stone was known primarily for Superbadwherein she talks about Swift:

She’s so great! We’re very different, but she has such a sick sense of humor. Nobody knows that. She’s so great. People know … how hilarious she is. They’ve seen her on SNL. People are seeing it more now, and she’s so funny and she’s exactly who you think she is, and I love that.

According to Stone the pair met at the Young Hollywood Award for Hollywood Life Magazine around 2007. Stone wrote Swift an email telling her she liked her music, and they started talking.

So there you have it. Another beautiful celebrity sisterhood to be jealous of.

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