'Big Brother' Frankie & Cody Should Be This Season's Next Showmance

Can anyone keep track of who's in a showmance and who's not at this point on Big Brother? No? I didn't think so. It seems like every episode, there's a new couple forming, but such is life in the Big Brother house. During Sunday night's episode, CBS finally showed us what those with Internet access have already figured out: there's maybe, kind of, sort of a showmance budding between Zach and Frankie. OK, so Zach says that he is heterosexual, so the showmance may be more of a bromance, but it's cute, nonetheless. Still, whatever the status of their relationship is, Zach might have some stiff competition from Cody.

Cody may have pretended like he didn't want to see Frankie and Zach cuddle during a clip on Sunday night's episode, but that's probably just because he was jealous Frankie was getting friendly with another houseguest. According to a tweet from @BigBrotherLeak, Frankie and Cody took a rather intimate photo together in the Big Brother house photo booth. I know! I was just as surprised as you were to see that photo, not because Cody has drooled over Brittany and Nicole on the show so far, but because, at least from what CBS airs, it doesn't seem like Cody and Frankie ever spend any time together. Aside from being in "The Bomb Squad" together, I didn't even know they were friends. But lo and behold, they look pretty cozy in that photo booth, and I, for one, am digging it.

For one thing, they both look amazing together in that photo. Frankie has mastered smizing and Cody is rocking those blue, quirky nerd glasses like it's nobody's business. They look way better than any of us do trying to get a good pic in a cramped photo booth.

Secondly, I think this is definitely a case of opposites attracting. We already know Frankie is very loud and outgoing, but we haven't heard that much from Cody yet. Either he just hasn't done anything crazy enough to grab the attention of CBS's editors or he really is more introverted than Frankie. If it's the latter, their differing personalities would balance each other out, and it's just one more reason why Frankie and Cody would make a dynamic duo.

Finally, there are plenty of GIFs on the Interwebs that reveal Cody and Frankie get along great, and they both like to have a good time, especially together. Who could argue with all of that joy?

Whatever is going on here, I just hope it gets Cody more air time because we could all definitely use more Cody in our lives. And hey, maybe Zach wouldn't be as opposed to the idea as we thought.

Images: CBS; a-lonely-teenager/Tumblr, iamteamvegas/Tumblr, badkryptonian/Tumblr