'Big Brother' Hayden & Nicole's Alliance and Possible Showmance Was Already Put to the Test

I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend of hot dogs and fireworks because we've got serious business to discuss. It's that time of the week for nominations and the Battle of the Block on Big Brother . During tonight's episode, the blondes were not having much fun as Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole for eviction. Since it's still early and we don't really know the houseguests that well yet, I normally wouldn't care about them being nominated, but since we learned about an alliance and a possible showmance between the two just minutes before they were nominated, I was sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see how this was all going to go down.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more potential showmances this season than usual? With Caleb and Amber, Frankie and Zach, Cody and Brittany, Caleb and Devin (?), and now Nicole and Hayden, love is in the air in the Big Brother house. During Sunday night's episode, Nicole and Hayden did a bit of awkward pre-pubescent flirting. Hayden told Nicole he would take her out on a date, which made Nicole "feel good." That love is deep, y'all. Hayden said he has "a little schoolboy crush" on Nicole, which is very apparent, and it's only a matter of time before these two do something crazy like hold hands.

So what did Nicole's alliance partner, Christine, have to say about all this? I was expecting her to be kind of peeved about the whole thing because if Nicole is in a showmance, that's going to majorly complicate things for the alliance and for Christine. Not only would a showmance draw more attention to Nicole, thus making her a target in the game, it could also potentially compromise her allegiance to Christine, having to think about Hayden. Only two people make it to the finals, after all.

However, Christine took it very well and even agreed with Nicole that they should let Hayden into their alliance. They're just worried he's going to out them later on in the game, which is also a real concern. As Christine said, alliances only last if they remain secret. When Nicole and Christine invited Hayden to join the alliance, all three of them were very chill about it and basically laughed throughout the whole introduction. Two brains and a laid-back surfer dude. Hayden was right in saying, "This is the strangest alliance of all time."

But maybe Hayden actually does have a point. No one will suspect the three of them to be working together, at least they won't expect Hayden and Nicole to be working with Christine. And having Hayden's physical prowess will benefit this couple of brainy blondes greatly. Let's just hope Christine doesn't royally screw up her game by expanding this alliance and remaining a member of "The Bomb Squad." She seems too good for that.

During the Battle of the Block at the end of the episode, the other nominated pair, Paola and Brittany, performed so poorly in the competition (incorrect answers caused the other team to get a point) that Hayden and Nicole won easily. That sound you heard was America collectively letting out a sigh of relief that we could see this budding showmance play out. And now that Hayden and Nicole have gone through that ordeal together, their relationship can endure anything, right?

Images: CBS; vanriemsdyks/Tumblr; previouslyonsurvivor/Tumblr