Alcide Is Dead on 'True Blood' After a Pretty Terrible Shot To The Head. Damnit.

Everyone's favorite character is done for. True Blood killed off Alcide Herveaux, the sexiest werewolf to walk the earth, without an ounce of ceremony during Sunday's episode. Well, Bill & Sookie fans can rejoice now, I guess. The rest of us will be mourning the loss of True Blood's most under appreciated (and most well-defined, physically speaking) character as he is most definitely gone with no chance of coming back. (Unless the writers change their minds about how death works, so I suppose we can hold out an ounce of hope.)

But, here's how the sad, sad event went down: After Bill and Sookie wandered off with their ridiculously stupid plan to lure out Hep V vamps with Sookie's magical blood, Alcide tracked her to the remote spot in the woods just as a troupe of Hep V-infected vampires (with Holly in tow) descended upon Sookie. Though the crew quickly defeated the Hep V doofuses, one lone townsperson (who'd been convinced by the Legion of Bon Temps Idiots that supernatural beings are the enemy) shot Alcide once in the shoulder and again directly in the head. Because his cranium didn't do what physics would normally command, there is the option to revive Alcide as a vampire, but Sookie opted out, saying she couldn't go through that again. We assume she's referring to Tara's painful transition to vampire, but it's a little strange that she wouldn't at least give Alcide the fighting chance to stick around. Besides, she wasn't the one going through Tara's pain, though Sookie is wont to absorb everyone else's problems as her own.

Of course, story-wise, True Blood actually needs Alcide's death. The writers are clearly pushing Bill and Sookie to reunite for the final season and they can't do that if Sookie has the most caring, good-looking, well-meaning boyfriend ever by her side. She admitted that Alcide loved her more than she loved him, but that didn't seem to suggest that she was actually going to break up with the handsome werewolf any time soon.

So the writers had some loon shoot Alcide in the head and now he can never come back and complicate the love triangle that is Bill, Sookie, and Eric. Unfortunately for viewers like me, that basically ruins everything (even if a recent interview with Joe Mangianello stated that we'd be seeing "way more" Alcide this season — that could have just been referring to the fact that he died while nude).

R.I.P. Alcide. Much like Sookie, True Blood never seemed to understand what a total catch you were.

Image: HBO