Will Eric & Sookie Get Back Together Before The 'True Blood' Series Finale? Here's How It Could Happen

Well, will they? Last Sunday's episode of HBO's True Blood finally gave us some Eric Northman action— sure, it was a sex scene with Jason Stackhouse, but we welcome any and all scenes starring Alexander Skarsgard. Even though we knew Eric was alive all along (I mean, hello, True Blood wouldn't kill off its best character), it was nice of True Blood to confirm that for all of us. But now the big question remains: will Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse get back together? They can't end the show without one more hook up between these two, right?

I don't 'ship Sookie and Eric — to be completely honest, I don't 'ship anyone on True Blood because they're all totally screwed up. Especially Sookie and Eric, considering the fact that she, at one point, enjoyed Bill saying, "Sookeh" and Eric's incestuous relationship with Nora last season. (Or maybe that makes them perfect for each other?) But, Eric has been the third side of the Sookie and Bill triangle since Day 1 of the series, so there were bound to be someone that thought they were great together. Unfortunately, Alexander Skarsgard isn't one of those people. In a recent interview with TV Guide, the actor told the site about the possibility of rekindling a Sookie-Eric romance, “He realizes he’s not the best guy for her." I mean, duh.

And with the fact that Eric is getting a new love interest for Season 7, it seems even less likely that we're looking at another, drawn-out "Bill or Eric?" storyline. Sylvie, who's apparently drop dead gorgeous and fluent in French, will be played by The Tudors ' Gabrielle Wright. The casting call for Sylvie said that the character would have an "Episode 2 arc, on the final season" — so, if you didn't notice her last Sunday, you might want to look again. It's also probably safe to assume that she's going to be on for a few episodes, so that's going to drive a wedge between the future Sookie and Eric hook-up as well, or will it?

Showrunner Brian Buckner also opened up about Sookie's relationship status and what he thinks about her and Alcide. And again, it doesn't seem promising for a new spark of the Sookie and Eric flame. Buckner told TV Line, "He’s the most normal, most human, most down-to-earth of any of her suitors. To me, with Eric gone and off on his own story going forward, I think it’s a pretty obvious triangle we’re setting up between Bill and Sookie and Alcide." Well, if that's not the most concrete answer I've ever heard... sorry, Eric and Sookie fans. Eric's got his own Hep-V infected life now and we're looking at a Bill-Sookeh-Alcide triangle in Season 7.

Even though I'm cheering that Sookie and Eric is over, it's just not possible for True Blood to end without one more hook-up between these two blonde, Bon Temps bombshells. So here's how True Blood can justify Eric and Sookie taking one more crack at it in Season 7 — even if it is only a dream.

One Steamy Hook Up...In A Dream

I mean, True Blood can at least give us this much after giving us an Eric-Jason sex scene last week. There's absolutely going to come a time this season when Eric's cured of Hep-V and Sookie needs some vampire blood to save her life. (Sookie always needs vampire blood to save her life.) And boom — it might not be real and it might be an invasion of Sookie's mental privacy, but this is True Blood.

A Last Hurrah One Night Stand

Bill would never have to know — except that we kind of want him to know so we never have to hear "Sookeh" again.

An Effort To Save Him From Hep-V

We all know how Sookie loves saving people — even if she fails most of the time. Way back when Eric lost his memory and became pod-vampire Eric, Sookie nursed him back to health and through his cut-off sweatshirt phase. And that really sparked the romance between the pair. Well, imagine if her faery blood is the only thing that can cure his Hep-V? I know, it's a stretch, but faery blood always seems to be the answer on True Blood. So, she'll save his life and be so sexually attracted to his moment of vulnerability that she'll have no choice but to fall into his arms.

Just give us what we want, HBO. Please?

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