John Oliver Hilariously Mocks July 4th, Or as He Calls It, the "Day of Colonial Aggression" — VIDEO

'MURICA. If your weekend of patriotism and barbecues hasn't exhausted that battle cry, then perhaps this video of John Oliver mocking The Fourth of July and its signature fireworks will put your nationalism to bed for approximately the next 360 days. In case we forgot, Oliver — who's British, by the way — reminds us that Katy Perry's favorite kind of legal explosives seem pretty silly when they're given as much attention as we give them on the Fourth. And we know how much attention we give fireworks on the holiday — a hell of a lot. (Poor dogs, seriously. They must suffer from fireworks PTSD.)

Oliver mocks our national obsession with fireworks by giving a full-on satirical news report on fireworks in lieu of his normal news-skewering. His weekly show, Last Week Tonight, happened to have the week off in honor the national holiday (which, again, is silly to someone to whom the Fourth of July is just the day after the third and the day before the fifth — or, as Oliver jokes, it's "Colonial Aggression Day"), so the HBO show decided to give us this web exclusive.

And if after you're done laughing at Oliver's fireworks-skewering, you feel like a plastic bag, remember what Katy Perry said. Baby, you're a — (CUE EXPLOSIVE BOOMING AND LOTS OF RED, WHITE, AND BLUE) — firework.

You can check out Oliver's take on fireworks below.

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