What Is Alexis Bellino Doing Now That She's Not On 'Real Housewives of Orange County'?

We haven't seen the last of Alexis Bellino. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star, who had been a member of the RHOC cast since Season 5, was allegedly fired along with former pal Gretchen Rossi after the eighth season of the show aired in 2013. Now that the Anaheim Skyzone co-owner is off RHOC , it's easy to wonder just what this woman has been up to. After all, what's life in Orange County without having a camera crew documenting your every catfight and bandage dress? I can't possibly imagine.

So, what is Alexis up to now that she can't publicly feud with Gretchen? Apparently, this reality star is already onto her next project — but what it is is still under wraps. Alexis took to Instagram to talk about her suuuuper exhausting day of filming for some mystery project she's been working on. The project is so under wraps that even IMDb doesn't have an answer for us. (Any chance that this project is solely going on in Alexis' mind?)

Outside of her new mystery gig, Alexis seems to be enjoying her time off by spending it with her family. In fact, she recently Instagrammed a few cute pics of her family on vacation. (All filed under #bellinofamilyvacation, of course.)

You have to admit that these photos make Alexis seem insanely more likable, right?

(Okay, let's not get too ahead of ourselves...)

No word yet on what Alexis' new project will be, but I, for one, am hoping it's a Bachelor Pad-esque concept where fired Housewives go to complain about their former TV gigs. I would totally watch that, wouldn't you?

You go, girl.

Images: alexis_bellino/Instagram (3), Giphy (2)