15 Awesome Hoop Art Decor Ideas — This Isn't Your Grandma's Embroidery

There is something wholesome and sweet about embroidery hoop art — it brings up nostalgic "home sweet home" sentiments while making you feel like you're safe in a cabin. Usually embroidery art makes me feel like I've been transported back to my childhood, where I am writing my mom from camp or sitting patiently at grandma's house.

While we have gotten older and cooler, I am happy to report that hoop art has as well. Can you imagine if your grandma's embroidery quoted DMX lyrics? I gathered up 15 of the coolest, funniest, and sweetest example of hoop art I could find.

by Corinne Caputo

haters gonna hate

It’s true, haters will absolutely hate. Never forget that mantra with this sassy piece of decor.

Haters Gonna Hate, $30,

stop freaking out

Remind yourself to calm down with this piece of pretty and honest embroidery.

Stop Freaking Out, $20,

i am the danger

Quote Breaking Bad, and threaten guests in the sweetest way possible with this hoop art.

I Am The Danger, $35,

tina belcher quote

Tina Belcher is probably your spirit animal too. We are all smart, strong, sensual women after all.

Tina Belcher, $40,

you are loved

You can share this adorable hoop-banner hybrid with someone you love.

You Are Loved, $23,

embroidered camera

Obsessed with cameras, or even just selfies? This stunning camera embroidery can’t be beat.

Camera, $25,

don't you forget about me

Now you can live The Breakfast Club over and over again with this pleasant reminder.

Don’t You Forget About Me, $35,

linda belcher

I would do anything to have Linda Belcher as my personal cheerleader, but for now, this will have to do.

Linda Belcher, $40,

happier than a dachshund on stilts

Now that I think about it, what is possibly happier than this?

Happier Than A Dachshund On Stilts, $50,

read more books

Sleep all night, read all day.

Read More Books, $26,

lose my mind

Let your crazy show with this hilarious hoop.

Lose My Mind, $49,

attack cat on duty

This hoop lets you give the kindest warning ever.

Attack Cat On Duty, $30,

oh hey

At the risk of sounding like Chandler Bing, Could there BE a cuter welcome sign?

Oh Hey, $28,

every day i'm hustlin'

Can’t stop won’t stop, right?

Every Day I’m Hustlin’, $32,

pizza emoji

This pizza emoji speaks to all of us.

Pizza Emoji, $70,