Are These 'Big Brother' Showmances Still Alive?

Aside from all the backstabbing and betrayal, the 24 hour live feeds and the clandestine conversations, the hilarious competitions and the edge-of-your-seat tension, the best part of watching Big Brother is finding a showmance to root for over the course of the season. After all, sticking a bunch of relatively attractive adults in a house, not all of whom are married, and cutting them off from the outside world makes it kind of a given that some of them are going to start hooking up. The first real showmance of the season developed between Caleb Reynolds and Amber Borzotra, though it was heavily one-sided, and we've seen lots of showmances develop and dissolve in the last six episodes. These are far from the first or the last.

Finding your one true showmance to adore and support over the course of the season is kind of difficult with all of the betrayal running rampant. In fact, you might be getting into Big Brother for the first time and falling in love with a couple that, at the moment, is on the outs. This isn't a comprehensive list of all of the Big Brother audience's favorite showmances, but here are some of the biggest and smallest ones and what their current statuses are. And, remember, just because some of these showmances have already fallen apart doesn't mean there isn't still hope for them in the future.

Caleb and Amber

How It Happened: From the moment he first saw her, Caleb has been completely smitten with Amber. At first, we all thought it was adorable. It soon became clear, however, that Caleb's crush on Amber was completely obsessive and that he was willing to punish her for not returning his feelings — even talking of evicting her for disrespecting him like that. The two seem to have buried the hatchet, but it's hard to really get into their relationship knowing how Caleb will react if it goes south.

Current Status: They're in the platonic cuddling stage.

Cody and Paola

How It Happened: When Paola first laid eyes on Cody, she wanted nothing more than to have a showmance with him. And why wouldn't she? He looks like John Travolta in his prime. However, the two have hardly spent any time together and any potential showmance seems to be pretty unlikely at this point. Sorry, Pao-Pao.

Current Status: Nothing to report.

Devin and Amber

How It Happened: Almost as soon as they entered the house, there was something of a vibe between Devin and Amber. He thought she was beautiful and she thought he was just her type. Then they actually interacted with one another and any spark that could have been died immediately.

Current Status: Even if they weren't at war right now, there's no way Devin could get back into Amber without making an enemy out of Caleb.

Frankie and Zach

How It Happened: Somehow, on the live feeds, Zach and Frankie began spending so much time together that it became obvious to everyone in the house that they were going to hook up soon if they haven't hooked up already. Rumor has it that they've even kissed. However, Zach just proclaimed his heterosexuality on Sunday's episode of Big Brother and Frankie is plotting with anyone and everyone to get Zach kicked out of the house, so it appears the reign of Zankie is over.

Current Status: Zach doesn't know he's been betrayed yet so there might be hope for these two, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Cody and Nicole

How It Happened: Cody and Nicole have been all over each other for a while now, culminating in a lot of cuddling and at least one almost kiss. Cody has called her an amazing girl and she's admitted to him that she likes him. They're affectionate and adorable and basically everything you really need out of a showmance.

Current Status: Cody might just like Nicole like a little sister, which is just about the worst thing you can say to shippers, but that shouldn't stop anyone from hoping.

Devin and Brittany

How It Happened: Devin and Brittany were about to face down at the nomination ceremony and it looked like the claws were going to come out. However, in true Devin style, he soon backtracked to make the same deal with Brittany that he had made with Paola and the two had a long heart-to-heart. As a result, Devin has been left with a huge crush on Brittany that has him telling Frankie that they'd make beautiful babies.

Current Status: He did just put her on the block, but Brittany might see the benefit of using Devin's feelings to her advantage.

Hayden and Nicole

How It Happened: During Sunday's episode of Big Brother we were treated to the delightfully low-key budding flirtation between Hayden and Nicole. Their relationship progressed so smoothly and quickly that Nicole invited Hayden into the alliance she had going with Christine and it's clear that Hayden and Nicole are just quietly fond of each other. It's actually really adorable.

Current Status: We'll see. Hopefully neither of them get eliminated before they can have a first kiss.

Cody and Frankie

How It Happened: Much like Paola, Frankie's first introduction to Cody involved him fawning over Cody as the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. Frankie is touchy-feely with just about everyone in the house, but the intimate photobooth picture that he took with Cody is all the evidence we need that these two need to spend more time with each other. They might not get a showmance out of it, but a bromance is not out of the realm of possibility.

Current Status: Unless Cody's sexuality is more fluid than we thought, this is a no.

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