Come On, 'PLL.' Just Tell Us Who Dunnit.

By Kaitlin Reilly

Get ready for a big Pretty Little Liars reveal, because it's coming sooner than you may think. According to Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King, the series' 100 episode "Miss Me x 100" will bring a major PLL reveal. King has hinted that the reveal will be a huge answer to one of the mysteries that the show has been working up to for a long time. Could that reveal be who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis in the show's Season 4 finale? We certainly have enough suspects to work with — maybe it's time that we finally find out which shady character took out Ali's mom for good.

Mrs. DiLaurentis' murder is hardly the longest running mystery on the show, but it has been a source of question for the series since the end of Season 4 and a main focus of the show's past few episodes. Even if the characters learn who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, there's no way that the answer will tie up neatly. Whoever killed Mrs. DiLaurentis will also have to reveal their motive, which might bring up a series of secrets in and of itself. Could it be a jealous Mrs. Hastings who wanted to take out her husband's mistress once and for all? How about her son Jason, who is prone to both blackouts and being a total sketchball? Then there's the obvious choice (a.k.a. most likely a red herring): Mr. Hastings, who had the murder weapon — a heart medication prescribed to him — as well as a motive to protect Spencer from Mrs. D.

Finding out who really killed Ali's mother would shake up the show, but it's not the only big reveal that could do some serious damage to the people in Rosewood. There are five other huge questions we'd like answered in the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Who is the girl in Alison's grave?

We know that Alison is alive and well, but that means that someone else isn't. A murder did take place the night of Ali's disappearance, and finding out who took Ali's spot in the grave would answer a ton of questions... and then it would leave us with about a billion more. Was the girl in Ali's grave just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there a reason she was slated to take Ali's spot? Is she related to Ali in some way? Could she be her secret twin? We need to know.

Who killed the girl in Alison's grave?

Another major question we need answered? Who actually killed the person in Alison's grave... and why. While it might be tricky to reveal the murderer without revealing the victim, PLL could certainly pull the case of mistaken identity when it comes to revealing who killed the girl. Perhaps the person who murdered the girl in the grave thought that they had killed Alison — after all, a ton of people were out to get Ali that night. Maybe the person who killed the murder victim who ended up in Ali's grave was a totally different person from the one who hit Ali over the head with a rock. If it's the same person, they could have realized too late that they killed the wrong girl and went back to attack Alison later that night — hence the whole rock thing.

What really happened to Toby's Mom?

We haven't seen the last of the subplot surrounding Toby's mother's death, according to King. Mr. Hastings tried to bury Toby's case against Radley, and it seemed mighty suspicious at the time. Nothing on Pretty Little Liars is ever truly separate from the overall mystery, and it's clear that something bad happened at that sanitarium — possibly something that relates back to the DiLaurentis family. One theory suggests that Toby's mother is somehow related to Mrs. DiLaurentis — could they be twin sisters?

What did Melissa whisper to Mr. Hastings?

(Umm, actually, that would be SO helpful. Thanks, Melissa.)

We know that Melissa told Mr. Hastings something about the girl in Ali's grave, but we didn't get to hear what that was. (Thanks, PLL editors...) While we don't know what mystery Melissa's knowledge will clear up — if whatever she says is the truth — just knowing what Melissa knows about the overall mystery would be so helpful. Melissa's ranks high in the PLL list of shady characters, and it would be nice to know what team she's actually playing for. I'm not entirely convinced that it's not the A-Team.

Who is Uber A?

Sorry, fans — not going to happen. Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for Season 6 and Season 7, which means we won't find out A's identity for a long time.

But at least we know we'll get one big reveal on Pretty Little Liars Tuesday night. We all deserve it.

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