You'll Know What She Whispered in the Finale Soon

by Christine DiStasio

Who killed the girl in Alison DiLaurentis's grave? I might not know, but Melissa Hastings does and at some point, she's going to tell us. There's no way you've forgotten Melissa's gallant return to Rosewood to "support her little sister" during the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale. And you definitely didn't forget that she came clean about something regarding not-Alison who's buried in her grave to Mr. Hastings after all these years. A huge PLL Season 5 spoiler revealed that we'll find out what Melissa whispered to her dad, but it probably won't be during the PLL Season 5 premiere on June 10.

Did any PLL fan ever NOT suspect Melissa Hastings of being up to no good? Everything that girl does and says screams "I am a secret axe-murderer." When she turned up just as shit was really going down during the Season 4 premiere, I didn't believe for a second that she'd just come back because Spencer had relapsed. (I hope none of you did, either.) In the final moments of the episode, Melissa and Mr. Hastings are sitting in the Rosewood police department while he panics that Spencer killed "that girl." Thankfully, Spencer didn't kill her — so that's great news. But who did, and why has Melissa been basically helping Mrs. DiLaurentis protect this person the entire time?

Watch the scene here:

So what could Melissa have possibly said to her father that solicited his look of disgusted shock? It seems to prove that the killer is someone we've already been introduced to. Mr. Hastings clearly knows the person, otherwise he wouldn't have had such a strong reaction, and considering that both Melissa and Mrs. DiLaurentis also know the killer, it has to be a pre-existing character. And, obivously, it has to be someone we didn't expect. If not, we would've been able to figure out who "A" was a long time ago.

How do we know that PLL fans will actually get an answer to this mystery at all? Last week, WetPaint caught show writer and producer Joseph Dougherty doing a Twitter Q&A for fans and noticed this exchange with an extremely smart follower who thought to ask about Melissa's confession.

Even though "this season" could actually mean any time during PLL's extremely long, two-part fifth season, at this point any promise that we'll get a real answer from the series is a good one. While we wait to find out the answer, here are some things that Melissa could have said.

"It Was Mrs. DiLaurentis."

Is Melissa carrying the torch and continuing to cover whoever tried to bludgeon Ali? Now that Mrs. D is dead, the secret dies with her, so she'd be the perfect person to pin it on. Which would mean that Melissa was privy to the information that someone had finally taken her out of the game. Obviously Mrs. D didn't do the actual killing, as we saw in Ali's flashback, but that doesn't mean Melissa can't put the blame on her.

"It Was Aria Montgomery."

I mean, the theory that Aria is "A" is still running rampant on the Internet — even though she clearly wasn't the one holding the gun in New York City. (Although, it doesn't necessarily have to be the real "A" in that scene.) Still, this reveal would explain the shock and horror on Mr. Hastings' face when Marissa whispered the mystery words.

"It Was Jason DiLaurentis."

Another popular theory that would explain Mrs. DiLaurentis' whole "never turn your back on a Hastings" thing. Because, in case you forgot, Jason is actually a Hastings. Plus, it would kind of make sense. Jason admitted to being a little out of his wits the summer of the murder. Could he have gone to rehab and broken out to go after his little sister? This would explain both Mrs. D's phone call about needing help and why she's gone so far to protect him.

"It Was Mom."

Okay, I know, this just sounds crazy. But what if it isn't? Never turn your back on a Hastings, after all. What if it were Mr. Hastings that Mrs. D had been talking to that night? And Mrs. Hastings, in a fit of rage that Alison would expose the Hastings/DiLaurentis secret, tried to take her out for good. (I mean, Ali was blackmailing parents. That's screwed up.) It's far-fetched, but it'd explain a lot about how shifty everyone was at the police department.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long before learning who the real killer is. Maybe some theories aren't as crazy as they sound.

Image: ABC Family