11 Unexpected Watermelon Recipes for the Most Refreshing Summer

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Look, we’re all for eating watermelons by the slice. It’s how we fell in love with them in the first place — juices dripping down our chins, fingers sticky with that sugary goodness. But this summer, let’s do even better. You already went through the trouble of hauling home a ten-pound fruit the size of a baby seal; now, let’s use it up every way we can.

We’ll start out sweet, with a bright cocktail to kick off the season — and then, we’ll go rogue. We’ll turn our watermelon into salad and let it mingle with herbs and feta cheese. And finally, we’ll finish it off where all things end up in summer: on the grill. Cut yourself a big slice — and then, let watermelon show you what it can really do.

Image: Tucker

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