Fendi's New Karl Keychain Joins These Four Ridiculously Expensive Designer Keychains

Good news if you're in the market for a little luxury: The Karl Lagerfeld keychain that accompanied Cara Delevingne on her stroll down the Fendi Fall 2014 runway is on sale — and is quite popular already. But at $1,685 a pop, the Karlito charm isn't your average can opener or teddy bear keychain. After all, you can purchase an entire designer bag instead of simply the keychain for nearly $2,000, so if this is your next fashionable investment, you better adore the marvel that is Karl Lagerfeld.

Even the most extravagant designer keychains rarely come with such an exorbitant price tag, but ever since the launch of the Fendi Buggie, the Italian company has made opulent — and bizarre — bag accessories its forte. And Karl Lagerfeld would certainly be pleased to learn that his likeness has already racked up quite the wait list, which totals 600 eager aficionados, to be exact. In order to capture exactly how lavish this particular accessory is, I pulled together four other designer accessories that offer a similar look, and a similar product, with price tags to match. Though Fendi has them beat in terms of monetary value, the keychains could fund one significant adventure.

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Alexander McQueen's Silver Fox Tail keychain comes the closest to Fendi's Karlito at a whopping $775.

If you're looking for a bit more bling, Hermes' Olga bag charms come in at $690...

...followed by Chloe's sheepskin and metal ring which rings in at $384.23.

And what would a compilation of the best bag bling be without a Versace addition? The brand's Medusa Medallion costs a cool $575 for those who want to enjoy extra adornment on their bag.

So what does all of this excess add up to? At a total of $4,109.23, you could purchase one very upscale trip from New York to San Francisco. Forget airfare; it's covered by the McQueen Fox Tail in the form of a United Airlines Round Trip flight. As for your lodging, the beautiful Fairmont San Francisco is affordable as soon as that Karlito charm is returned to Fendi; the hotel offers views of the city and classic decor for $499 a night. If you're a foodie, grab a bite at Spruce, where the Wild King Salmon runs at $38, and throw in a bottle from the restaurant's vast wine collection — the Chloe sheepskin key ring would easily foot the bill. And because it is San Francisco, a few purchases here and there from local boutiques like Curve as well as Union Square's Neiman Marcus are well within budget. So the next time you're thinking that Fendi's Karlito would be a darn cute addition to your bag, remember that you could easily buy a relaxing vacation for the same price.

Images: Alexander McQueen Silver Fox Tail, $775, farfetch.com; Hermes Olga Bag Charm, $690, hermes.com; Chloe key chain, $384.23; farfetch.com; Versace Medusa Medallion, $575, farfetch.com