'Teen Wolf' Scott & Kira Finally Got Together — Now the Real Obstacles Begin

Finally! On Monday night's episode of MTV's hit series Teen Wolf , "Muted," Scott and Kira finally became a couple. The show had teased the relationship throughout the second half of Season 3; when Kira was first introduced, the two hit it off right away and were the perfect mixture of cute and awkward — just like real high school love. But there were always complications with Allison and Scott's romantic past and then later with Scott mourning Allison's death. Still, it was obvious the writers wanted to put Scott and Kira together from their first meeting and I am so glad it has finally happened.

The circumstances surrounding the start of their official relationship began when Kira's parents decided they wanted to sell their house in Beacon Hills and move back to New York, presumably because of the insanity involving the Nogitsune in Season 3. But Kira was determined to stay and knew she had to talk to Scott about their potential romantic future, in case she had to leave. Scott was unable to make time for the talk due to other issues (like a mouthless axe-murderer on the loose and a new lacrosse player), but told her they would talk later. Then he promptly kissed Kira on the mouth the way a couple who have been together for a while would do. Kira was surprised, to say the least, and so was Scott after he realized what exactly he had done.

Later that day ,Scott found Kira and tried to talk to her again about what happened and instead of having a long talk to define their relationship, Scott just kissed Kira again and that was that. Relationship on. A talk is usually a good idea for most couples, but this beginning felt better for Scott and Kira. The two were already basically dating, a fact that everyone else picked up on, including bounty hunter Braeden. Kira's mom even called Scott Kira's boyfriend. Really the only thing that was left to do was to make it official for themselves.

But there could be some trouble in paradise if the Teen Wolf writers decide to create some interesting new dynamics for the couple. Towards the end of Monday night's episode, Kira impressed the lacrosse coach with her throwing and catching skills. Could Kira potentially join the team, adding some competition between her and Scott? Plus there's the fact that Scott has just bitten an innocent kid, Liam, and will probably have to spend a lot of his free time mentoring a new Beta into his pack. Could the couple have to spend even less time together as a result or could Scott use Kira's Kitsune talents to his advantage when training his new Beta? Then of course, there is Kira's parents' desire to move, which would create a whole new set of roadblocks.

Hopefully the writers see that these two are kind of perfect for each other and equally matched in strength and heart. If anyone can get past normal petty problems high schoolers face, it's Scott and Kira. Hopefully they can get past the life-threatening, supernatural problems that Beacon Hills residents face too.

Images: MTV, athenaohwise1/Tumblr (2), stydiah/Tumblr