Ariana Grande's 'Star Wars'-Themed Lyric Video for "Break Free" Will Make You Beg Her to Cameo — VIDEO

When Ariana Grande said that her single "Break Free" was going to be inspired by futuristic galaxy, she really wasn't kidding. We guessed that when she finally released her music video, it would either be inspired by E.T. the movie, or "E.T." the Katy Perry song. After all, she tweeted a picture of an E.T.-like alien and was wearing an outfit made by Perry's costume designer. However, we should have gone for something a lot more obvious. The "Break Free" music video is Star Wars-inspired and it's seriously making us wish that Ariana Grande could make a cameo in Star Wars: Episode VII.

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." the video opens, emulating the infamous words from the Star Wars franchise. The lyrics then scroll backward into the screen in the exact same way that Star Wars made famous. Sure, the words didn't change color from gold to pink to blue in the film franchise, but that can just be chalked up to Grande adding her own colorful, personal touch to avoid getting sued.

Star Wars: Episode VII has cast everyone from Lupita Nyong'o to relative newcomers Pip Anderson and Crystal Clarke. Is there room for Ariana Grande in space? Well, duh. As much as Grande might like playing Cat Valentine in Sam & Cat, there are some of us who would love to watch her acting without having to sit side-by-side with our enraptured children or siblings who are well below voting age. If this lyric video isn't as good as a declaration of interest from Grande, then I don't know what is. Come on, George Lucas. Make a dream come true: mine.

Watch the video below.

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