Her "Break Free" Single Is Here

by Kadeen Griffiths

If you claim that you haven't spent the last eleven days waiting for Ariana Grande's single "Break Free" to come out, then you're a complete and total liar. "Break Free" is the second single off Grande's upcoming album My Everything and the snippets and teaser photos that she's been posting on her Instagram and her Twitter have made it clear that it's going to be a completely different sound from her popular collaboration with Iggy Azalea, "Problem". And so it is. Finally, Ariana Grande's "Break Free" single has been released after she debuted it on Total Request Live Wednesday night and it was everything.

If you thought the song was only amazing because it was on Total Request Live's one night special on MTV (admittedly, showing up on a TRL revival would make anything seem amazing), then prepare to be proven wrong. As promised by Grande's futuristic outfits and alien photos, "Break Free" has an otherworldly, Star Trek-like sound. It's a techno, club hit with opening and closing beats that sound a lot like shooting lasers or a spaceship taking flight.

The music fits perfectly with the lyrics, which tell the story of a woman walking away from a bad relationship. It literally is like the future of "Problem". Where "Problem" was about a woman who recognizes that she's in a bad relationship but is unable to resist the hold that the boy has over here, "Break Free" is about kicking that boy to the curb and being "stronger than I’ve been before".

To be honest, I found "Problem" to be a lot catchier and fun to dance to, but this is still a great song, especially for people who love dancing entirely by jumping up and down in the club. "Break Free" will just make you that much more impatient for My Everything to finally come out, because Grande and Zedd have proven that they make for a collaboration just as epic as Grande and Azalea.

Listen to the song below.