Of Course She's Earned This Title

by Kadeen Griffiths

When we first bought our tickets to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, I don't think any of us knew that Emma Watson would grow up to be the prettiest and most successful member of the Golden Trio. Then again, considering she was playing Hermione Granger, that should come as no surprise. Watson has been an actress, a model, and an "ordinary university student," and now she's adding another title to her list: On Monday, Watson announced that she is a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, and we're as excited as we are unsurprised.

Watson recently graduated from Brown University, and it appears that a college degree — and being incredibly rich and famous before the age of 30 — isn't going to slow her down any. Not that we really expected it to, considering how much of a bright future Watson still has ahead of her in this industry. "Women's rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so deeply personal and rooted in my life that I can't imagine an opportunity more exciting," said Watson in the official statement announcing her appointment. "I still have so much to learn, but as I progress, I hope to bring more of my individual knowledge, experience, and awareness to this role."

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The people of UN Women hope to use Watson as a means of "[engaging] young people" with the message of advancing gender equality and, honestly, they couldn't have picked a better option. Many of us grew up with Emma Watson, and she's one of the most relatable young stars in the industry. Just like you, Emma Watson went to college. Just like you, Emma Watson only dates normal guys. Just like you, Emma Watson criticizes the fashion industry for projecting unattainable ideals. Just like you, Emma Watson is incredibly rich, incredibly famous, and a certified yoga teacher. Okay, so she's not just like you.

However, it's the parts of her that people don't find as relatable that enable her to spread UN Women's message far and wide. Watson is a recognizable and well-respected face. She's never been involved in any scandal — recent trouble with UK immigration laws notwithstanding — she doesn't party hard, she's never been to rehab, and she seems, to all appearances, to be an intelligent, well-spoken, and admirable young woman. Watson was utterly immune from the plague of controversy and meltdowns that befalls so many child stars and she's nothing if not a role model to many.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you think that Watson isn't nearly as popular as we seem to think she is, please note that the official announcement of her role as a global ambassador actually caused UN Women's website to crash from too much incoming traffic. Watson's own excitement for the opportunity was clear in her tweet of the news, in which she stated, "Going to be working for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women (!!!)"

It's way too late in the game to still be comparing Emma Watson to Hermione Granger, but her fictional counterpart would definitely be proud that such an amazing woman was selected to portray her on-screen.