Lady Gaga Goes Old Hollywood Glam On Instagram

So can we discuss how much Lady Gaga really looks like Old Hollywood screen queen Joan Crawford in her latest set of Instagram images? She has ditched the disco queen, Bianca Jagger-inspired look and the disco 'fro in favor of something from an earlier period.

If you are not schooled in the Golden Age of Hollywood or never saw that campfest known as Mommie Dearest, here's some quick intel. Crawford was a screen siren of the '30s and '40s and the subject of a vicious tell-all that accused her of unspeakable abuse, penned by her adopted children, which tarnished her reputation posthumously. You should educate yourself about the actress by checking her bio. Regardless, Crawford was viewed as an unconventional beauty, as is Mother Monster. Gaga is really taking inspiration from Crawford in these fresh pics, offering a modernized take on OHG — Old Hollywood Glam.

While you'd have to go to a vintage store that specializes in decade-specific pieces from the 1930s on in order to nab something similar to the bone-hued, fur-trimmed white robe in which Gaga is draped, I can easily help you recreate an updated version of classic Hollywood beauty just like Gaga did. It's not tough to replicate, as it consists of dark and matte lips, even-toned skin, strong brows, coats upon coats of mascara, and plenty of black liner. The overall look is strong and Gaga nailed it, although I suggest toning down the powdery, apparition-like, and overly chalky complexion.

Gaga is at her most Crawfordian in this image but she is so untraditionally stunning in these photos. The look is all about definition and the strength of the features.

Perhaps it's the lighting of the IG effects, but this image is less powder-faced and more realistic. This is the look your want to emulate. All you will need is the five products below. Yep, it's that simple.

1. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Gaga's take on Old Hollywood Glam swaps out the traditional scarlet lip in favor of a more berry hue, which is fine and is softer, yet still a wonderful contrast to the stark strength of the eye. I suggest Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Jilted for a matte, stained lip. Apply with a brush for definition, and use a matching liner to prevent feathering. A screen starlet is defined by her lips, so product on teeth is a big faux pas. ($22,

2. Boots Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil

An eyebrow pencil is also an absolute essential for this look. Boots No. 7 Beautiful Eyebrows pencil in Black is a perfect tool to fill in brows and keep them full, shaped, and defined. ($5.59,

3. Eyeko Black Eyeliner

Eyeko's Alexa Chung Eye Do Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner Pen will give you that ultra glam, Hollywood-approved flick and it comes in the sootiest black you can find. The tip also allows for precision application. Amen to that. ($19,

4. Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Benefit's inky They're Real! Mascara thickens and darkens lashes for screen siren appeal. The more coats, the better. Seriously. Screen sirens were all about batting their lashes — the rest of their on-screen makeup was ridiculous, by the way — and you should be, too. ($23,

5. Sephora Translucent Setting Powder

Dust your face and décolleté with Sephora Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder to keep everything fresh, even, and smooth. ($16,

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (2), Urban Decay, Target, Sephora (3)