This Might Be the Most Adorable 'Breaking Bad' Parody Yet

Many might be growing tired of the relentless anticipation surrounding the Season 5 Part 2 finale of Breaking Bad — which airs this Sunday, Aug. 11 — but not here at Bustle. There is not a Bryan Cranston interview we will not watch, a trailer we won't analyze, or a theory we're not willing to spend most of our 40-hour-plus workweek thinking about.

And, apparently, there's not a parody we won't tune into as well. Comedy duo Rhett & Link put together a five-minute middle-school musical based on Breaking Bad —utilizing real child performers who hopefully have never seen a second of the hit AMC series about meth peddlers — and the result should please anyone who's craving Season 5 like a hit of the blue stuff. The show tunes are catchy, the talent talented, and the video even boasts a cameo appearance from a pint-sized Tio Salamanca. (Negative points, however, for not featuring a tiny Mike Ehrmantraut.)

Not only that, but the middle-school Breaking Bad does teach us something else: The only thing more terrifying than the prospect of Mr. Chips turning into an evil Scarface is the appearance of a 13-year-old in a bald cap.

See the Breaking Bad musical from Rhett & Link below, and then go to their YouTube page where you can find high school musical parodies of more of your favorite pieces of pop culture, like Man of Steel and Star Trek. But, in the meantime, see how your 13-year-old could learn about science, yo!

Rhett & Link on YouTube