'Guardians Of the Galaxy' Is Shaping Up Great

by Alanna Bennett

Chris Pratt starts out the new Guardians of the Galaxy extended trailer by calling all his friend losers, but don't worry, he's not being mean. He means that everyone in his little ragtag band of misfits has lost something, which is probably why they're roaming the galaxy. But at least they've got each other, and a great soundtrack. And as some new stills from the movie prove, Pratt looks weirdly good in yellow.

If you were wondering if Guardians of the Galaxy could keep up the habit of putting out really great trailers with really great soundbites and really great songs, the answer is yes, yes they can. The newest trailer's got the epic, it's got the funny, it's got the emotional core. It's also got raccoon Bradley Cooper arguing with Pratt's Peter Quill over what constitutes a "fake" laugh, and proves that Groot — a.k.a. the giant tree-thing played by, of all people, Vin Diesel — is going to be a break-out character much in the vein of Hodor from Game Of Thrones.

It's been rumored that part of why Marvel up and changed Ant-Man to the point of driving away director Edgar Wright had something to do with them being nervous about how Guardians of the Galaxy would be received. But if the trailer and the new stills are any indication, we're in for a thoroughly delightful space romp — and an extended period of time with "Cherry Bomb" stuck in our heads.

Images: Marvel