Never Seen 'LOTR'? Start With This

Let's face it. You're a busy lady. You don't have the time to laze around in a languid fashion, making Frodo cutouts, watching Lord of The Rings again. And you definitely don't have the time to watch all three parts of The Hobbit, which, let's be honest, should be called "Doin' It For The Boxed Set." So now, thanks to Mashable, you can watch The Lord of The Rings trilogy in 90 seconds. So fear not — no bathroom breaks are needed, and your time is YOURS AGAIN.

In this short little video, you can get the epic movie in short form. We get the entire plot, all of the characters, all of the walking, all 726 minutes — all of it. We even get the moral points ("loud, beautiful people are the ones to side with"). Peter Jackson is somewhere crying out, "THIS REALLY COULD HAVE BEEN DONE IN 90 SECONDS?!" But, alas, this rendition does not have the special CGI effects; it's simply hand-drawn (and somehow, retains the series' epic nature).

So, instead of re-watching all eight hours of the original trilogy, why not just watch this? Or re-watch all eight hours of the trilogy, and then watch this as an homage. But remember: Sean Bean dies. (As he always does, really.)

Image: Mashable/YouTube